Dr.techn.-grader tildelt på DTU

27/10-2017 Professor Kristian Sommer Thygesen
Electronic Excitations in Two-dimensional Materials and van der Waals Heterostructures

18/9-2017 Professor Ken H. Andersen
"Fish and Fisheries – the size- and trait-based approach"

17/3-2017 Lektor Anne Ladegaard Skov
"Silicone-based Dielectric Elastomers”

8/7-2016 Seniorforsker Yunzhong Chen
“Emergent Material Science and Functionalities at Atomically-Engineered Oxide Interfaces”

1/7-2016 Seniorforsker Peter Munk
”Larval Fish Ecology – adaptations and physical linkages”

11/2-2016 Jens Nørkær Sørensen
“General Momentum Theory for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines”

17/11-2015 Sigrún Huld Jónasdóttir
”A Journey from Light into Darkness. Fatty Acids in the Marine Ecosystem: from Photosynthesis to Copepod Lipids and Sequestration”

17/11-2015 Lektor Irina Petrushina
“Electrochemistry as a Tool for Study, Development and Promotion of Catalytic Reactions”

26/11-2013 Lektor Bo Friis Nielsen
"Matrix Analytic Methods in Applied Probability with a View towards Engineering Applications”

17/9-2013 Seniorforsker Mathias Stolpe
"Models and Methods for Structural Topology Optimization with Discrete Design Variables“

17/9-2013 Ph.d. Thomas Ruhland
"New Tools for High-Throughput Organic Synthesis”

28/9-2011 Lektor Jakob Søndergaard Jensen 
"Waves and Vibrations in Inhomogeneous Structures - bandgaps and optimal designs"

8/4-2011 Seniorforsker André W. Visser
"Small, wet and rational: Individual Based Zooplankton Ecology" 

28/1-2011 Lektor Flemming J. Frandsen
“Ash Formation, Deposition and Corrosion When Utilizing Straw for Heat and Power Production”

23/11-2010 Professor, dr.scient. Bo Brummerstedt Iversen 
"Phonon-Glass Electron Crystal Materials for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion"

12/11-2010 Seniorforsker Bent F. Sørensen 
"Cohesive laws for assessment of materials failure: Theory, experimental methods and application"

27/4 2010 Lektor Ilmar Ferriera Santos
“Mechatronics Applied To Machine Elements With Focus on Active Control of Bearing, Shaft and Blade Dynamics“

11/12 2009 Lektor Wen Zhong Shen
“Computational Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics for Wind Turbines“

9/11 2009 Professor Jan Sickmann Hesthaven
“Nodal Discontinuous Element Methods: Formulations, Analysis, and Applications“

15/6 2009 Lektor Ida Lykke Fabricius
"Chalk: composition, diagenesis and physical properties"

29/5 2009 Seniorforsker Grethe Winther
"Slip systems, dislocation boundaries and lattice rotations in deformed metals"

30/5 2008 Lektor Karsten Rottwitt
"Raman Amplifiers in Optical Fibers: Principles and Applications"

23/5 2008 Professor Michael Pedersen
"Boundary Control of Plate-Like Models, Theory, Modelling and Applications"

24/9 2007 Seniorforsker Finn Willy Poulsen
"Methods and Limitations in Defect Chemistry Modelling"

9/3 2007 Seniorforsker Sten Tronæs Frandsen
"Turbulence and turbulence-generated structural loading in wind turbine clusters"

12/1 2007 Lektor Niels Leergaard Pedersen
"Optimal Design of Plates for Control of Static and Dynamic Characteristics"

18/9 2006 Seniorforsker Mads Hald Andersen
"Regulators of Apoptpsis: Suitable Targets for Immune Therapy of Cancer"

8/5 2006 Lektor Niels Asger Mortensen
“Microstructured Optical Fibres – Theory and Simulations“

24/1 2006 Professor Michael Givskov
“Jamming the command language of bacteria: a new approach to the control of bacterial infections”

20/1 2006 Lektor Qingfeng Li
“High Temperature Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells“

26/1 2005 Seniorforsker Jesper Glückstad
“The Generalised Phase Contrast Method”

5/5 2004 Seniorforsker Henning Friis Poulsen
“3DXRD - a new probe for materials science”

3/12 2003 Forskningsprofessor, Ph.d. Martin Kristensen
“Refractive Index Engineering in Silica Glass”

18/6 2003 Professor, Ph.d. Jesper Mørk
“Nonlinear and ultrafast dynamics in semiconductor lasers and optical amplifiers”

18/6 2003 Lektor, Ph.d. Jon Juel Thomsen
“Dynamic Effects of Nonlinearity and Fast Vibrations: Stiffening, Biasing, Smoothening, Chaos”

15/1 2003 Lektor, ph.d., eur.phys. Jens E.T. Andersen “Imaging by in situ Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and its Nanotechnological Perspectives”

26/6 2002 Marc M. Van Hulle
“Faithful Representations and Topographic Maps: From Distortion- to Information-Based Self-Organization”

2/7 2001 Lektor Ole Sigmund “Topology Optimization Methods with Applications in Mechanism, MEMS and Material Design”

Dr. techn. 2000 - 1991 

13/12 2000 Seniorkemiker, cand.scient. Thomas Kjeldsen
“Yeast secretory expression of insulin precursors”

31/5 2000 Cand.scient. Ulrich D. Keil
“Generation, Propagation, and Detection of Ultrashort Electrical Pulses”

31/5 2000 Lektor, ph.d. Henrik Myhre Jensen
“Fracture and strain localisation in layered materials and fibre composites”

1/3 2000 Professor Erik Bruun

“Design Considerations for CMOS Current Mode Operational
Amplifiers and Current Conveyors”

8/10 1999 Civilingeniør Hans F. Ravn
“Discrete Time Optimal Control”

9/6 1999 Forskningsprofessor Benny Bøhm
“Heat losses from burried district heating pipes”

4/9 1998 Lektor Henrik G. Bohr
“Neural Network Prediction of Protein Structures”

30/6 1998 Lektor Jens C. Frisvad
“Secondary metabolites and species models in Penicillium and Aspergillus”

29/4 1998 Kemiker Nan-Yu Topsøe
“Infrared Spectroscopic Investigations of Environmental DeNOx and Hydrotreating Catalysts”

21/1 1998 Lektor, lic.techn. Oli G.B.Madsen
“Large-Scale Optimization and Vehicle Routing”

2/6 1997 Civilingeniør Dorte Juul Jensen
“Orientation Aspects of Growth During Recrystallization”

20/11 1996 Cand.mag. Ole Bostrup
“Dansk Kemi 1770 - 1807 Den kemiske Revolution”

28/5 1996 Lektor Finn Jacobsen 
“Sound Fields, Sound Energy and Sound Intensity”

13/5 1996 Per Christian Hansen
“Rank-Deficient and Discrete Ill-Posed Problems”

25/3 1996 Jørgen Arendt Jensen
“Estimation of Blood Velocities Using Ultrasound: A Signal Processing Approach”

1/12 1995 Docent Anders Peter Ravn
“Design of Embedded Real-Time Computing Systems”

29/9 1995 Civilingeniør, Ph.d. Jens Nielsen
“Physiological engineering aspects of penicillium chrysogenum”

27/8 1995 Docent, cand. scient. lic. techn. Martin P.Bendsøe
“Optimization of Structural Topology, Shape, and Material”

18/8 1995 Lektor, lic.techn. Anders Bjarklev
“Rare-Earth-Doped Fibre Amplifiers for Optical Communication Systems”

24/3 1995 Docent Jørgen Juncher Jensen
“Non-linear wave load predictions for marine structures”

31/8 1994 Professor Jørgen Staunstrup
“A Formal Approach to Hardware Design”

8/9 1993 Civilingeniør Ernst Krogager
“Aspects of Polarimetric Radar Imaging”

30/6 1993 Mag.scient. Leif Kristensen 
“The Cup Anemometer and other Exciting Instruments” 

31/3 1993 Docent Dan Rosbjerg 
“Partial Duration Series in Water Resources”

25/3 1992 Preben W. Jensen M.Sc.
“Contributions to the Synthesis of Mechanisms”

7/2 1992 Docent Rene Victor Valqui Vidal
“Engineering Optimization”

4/2 1992 Civilingeniør Ole Bøcker Pedersen
“Cyclic Plasticity of Metals”

3/9 1991 Lektor Karsten Bo Rasmussen
“Outdoor Sound Propagation near Ground Surfaces”

8/2 1991 Docent Esben Byskov
“Selected Buckling Problems”

Dr. techn. 1990 - 1981 

27/9 1990 Lektor Leonardo de Chiffre “Metal Cutting Mechanics and Applications”

1/3 1990 Civilingeniør Niels Skou “On Microwave Radiometer Systems. Analysis, Design, and Ex­periments”

14/10 1988 Civilingeniør Gunnar Jacobsen “Contributions to the Theory for Optical Commu­nication Systems”

6/11 1987 Civilingeniør Jan Markussen “Human Insulin by Tryptic Transpeptidations of Porcine Insulin
and Biosynthetic Precursors”

19/3 1987 Lektor Niels Bay “Friction and Adhesion in Metal Forming and Cold Welding”

3/10 1986 Civilingeniør Jens Adler-Nissen “Enzymic Hydrolysis of Food Proteins”

16/9 1986 Lektor Kjeld Rasmussen “Konformationsanalyse med Potentialenergifunk­tioner”

30/5 1986 Lektor Pauli Pedersen “Quantitative Dynamic Stability”

23/5 1986 Civilingeniør Jens Buus “Investigation of Semiconductor Lasers and Wave­guiding in Active and Passive Dielectric S­truc­tures”

16/4 1986 Lektor, cand.scient. Kaj Madsen “Minimization of Non-linear Approximation Func­tions”

21/2 1986 Lektor Elo Harald Hansen “Flow Injection Analysis”

9/5 1985 Lektor Ramesh Talreja “Fatigue of Composite Materials”

21/9 1984 Lektor Jørgen Fredsøe “Sediment Transport in Current and Waves”

27/4 1984 Civilingeniør Steen Leleur “Planlægning af Multi-Mål-Systemer”

25/3 1983 Civilingeniør Stig Skelboe “Time-Domain Steady-State Analysis of Nonlinear Electrical Sy­stems”

17/12 1982 Lektor Jes Hjortkjær “Rhodium Complex Catalyzed Reactions. Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies”

14/6 1982 Civilingeniør Jan Poul Sørensen “Simulation, Regression, and Control of Chemi­cal Reactors by Collocation Techniques”

14/4 1982 Civilingeniør Morten Meilgaard “Beer Flavour“

22/1 1982 Lektor Niels J. Bjerrum “The Chalcogens in Chloroaluminate Melts”

27/8 1981 Lektor Steen Krenk “Polynomial Solutions to Singular Integral Equa­tions with Applica­tions to Elasticity Theory”

14/5 1981 Lektor Steen Mørup “Paramagnetic and Superparamagnetic Relaxation Phenomena studi­ed by Mössbauer Spectroscopy”

Dr. techn. 1980 - 1971


17/6 1980 Lektor Flemming Bo Pedersen 

“A Monograph on Turbulent Entrainment and Fric­tion in Two-Layer Stratified Flow”

23/5 1980 Civilingeniør Kaj Heydorn

“Aspects of Precision and Accuracy in Neutron Activation Analysis”

3/10 1979 Lektor Kurt Petersen

“Crystal Defects studied by Positrons”

11/1 1979 Lektor Niels Olhoff

“Optimal Design against Structural Vibration and Instability”

12/10 1978 Lektor Viggo Tvergaard

“Structural Collapse Due to Bifurcation and Imperfection-Sensitivity“

22/9 1978 Lektor Palle Jeppesen

“Gallium Arsenide Transferred Electron Devices“

25/5 1978 Lektor Gregers Bech-Nielsen

“Jernelektrodens kinetik og ledsagende fænomener i området anodisk opløsning til tidlige stadier af passivering“

23/1 1978 Professor Per Brinch Hansen

“The Architecture of Concurrent Programs“

29/3 1977 Forstander, cand. polyt. Rud Erik Madsen

“Hyperfiltration and Ultrafiltration in Plate-and-Frame Systems“

9/1 1976 Lektor, lic. techn. Peter Leth Christiansen

“Comparative Studies of Diffraction Processes in the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction“

19/12 1975 Civilingeniør Per Ullidtz

“Some Simple Methods Determining the Critical Strains in Road Structures“

17/11 1975 Civilingeniør Torben Leffers

“A Kinematical Model for the Plastic Deformation of Face-Centred Cubic Polycrystals“

18/6 1975 Civilingeniør Jørn Justesen

“Some Constructions of Long Error-Correcting Codes“

2/5 1975 Civilingeniør Jens Richard Rostrup-Nielsen

“An Investigation of Catalysts for Tubular Steam Reforming of Hydrocarbons“

24/1 1975 Civilingeniør Hugo Christian Møllmann

“Analysis of Hanging Roofs by means of the Displacement Method“

16/12 1974 Civilingeniør Steen Lichtenberg

“Project Planning – a Third Generation Approach“

6/12 1974 Civilingeniør Jens Rørbech

“The Multilane Traffic Flow Process“

28/1 1972 Civilingeniør Knud E.C. Nielsen

“Aggregate Stresses in Concrete“

29/10 1971 Ingeniørdocent, civilingeniør Ove Ditlevsen

“Extremes and First Passage Times with Applications in Civil Engineering. Some Approximative Results in the Theory of  Stochastic Process“

23/6 1971 Civilingeniør Niels Hansen

“Dispersion-Strengthned Aluminium Products“

28/5 1971 Lektor, civilingeniør Jørgen Bach Andersen

“Metallic and Dielectric Antennas“

Dr. techn. 1970 - 1961

27/11 1970 Lektor, civilingeniør P.O. Fanger

“Thermal Comfort – Analysis and Applications in Environmental Engineering“

28/10 1970 Lektor, civilingeniør, lic.techn. John Villadsen

“Selected Approximation Methods for Chemical Engineering Problems“

2/10 1970 R.A. Hurd, Master of Arts

“The Antenna Admittance Problem“

24/6 1970 Civilingeniør Oluf Sinius Hassing

“Reproduktionsteoretiske studier med stadigt hensyn til udvikling af automatiske reproduktionsmetoder“

26/11 1969 S.B.S. Uberoi, B.Sc.

“Viscous Resistance of Ships and Ship Models“

29/10 1969 Lektor, civilingeniør Claës Dyrbye

“Kontinuerlige, elastoplastiske bjælker med gentagne, overkørende belastninger“

11/4 1969 Ingeniørdocent Mogens Peter Nielsen

“Om Jernbetonskivers Styrke“

10/4 1969 Civilingeniør Knud Østergaard

“Studies of Gas-Liquid Fluidization“

19/12 1968 Civilingeniør Peter W. Becker

“Recognition of Patterns“

28/11 1968 Civilingeniør Hans Laurids Andsager

“Undersøgelser over peptiseringsforholdene hos nogle industrielt anvendte kaoliner“

11/10 1968 Civilingeniør Niels Hesselbjerg Christensen

“Studios on Sulfonic Anhydrides“

11/12 1967 Civilingeniør A. Lindegaard Andersen

“Growth Mechanisms and Imperfections in Silicon Crystals Grown by Floating Zone Method“

3/10 1967 Master of Science Charles M. Hansen, lic.techn.

“The Three Dimensional Solubility Parameter and Solvent Diffusion Coefficient“

6/7 1967 Civilingeniør E. Kantorowitz

“Mathematical Definition of Ship Surfaces“

21/6 1967 Civilingeniør Gunnar M. Idorn

“Durability of Concrete Structures in Denmark“

19/6 1967 Civilingeniør Ebbe Wang Langer

“An Investigation of the Quench Ageing Process in Iron“

15/3 1967 Civilingeniør, lic.techn. Tom Rallis

“Capacity of Transport Centres: Ports, Railway Stations, Road Haulage Centres and Airports“

8/11 1966 Civilingeniør Hans Bohlbro

“An Investigation of the Kinetics of the Conversion of Carbon Monoxide with Water Vapour over Iron Oxide Based Catalysts“

7/9 1966 Civilingeniør Kai Fursund

“Metalindtrængning i formsand“

10/6 1966 Lektor, civilingeniør Bent Hansen

“A Theory of Plasticity for Ideal Frictionless Materials“

3/6 1966 Civilingeniør, lic.techn. Ole Bent Jørgensen

“Studier over Bygmalt-α-Glucosidase“

1/10 1965 Lt. Commander Richard Nielsen Jr., M.Sc.

“Analysis of Plane and Space Grillages under Arbitrary Leading by Use of the Laplace Transformation“

14/1 1965 Lektor, civilingeniør, lic.techn. Erik Bent Hansen

“Studier i asymptotisk diffraktionsteori“

15/4 1964 Civilingeniør Axel O. Bohn

“Asfaltemulsioners brydning“

12/2 1964 Civilingeniør H. Krenchel

“Fibre Reinforcement”

10/10 1963 Civilingeniør P.W. Berg

“Kontrollerede atmosfærers anvendelse i nogle keramiske industrier“

7/12 1962 Overingeniør, cand. polyt. Troels Brøndum-Nielsen

“Axisymmetric bending of shells“

4/9 1962 Amanuensis, cand. mag. Niels Jonassen

“Om måling af atmosfærisk lufts iontæthed“

18/6 1962 Direktør, civilingeniør H. Brüniche-Olsen

“Ekstraktionsprocessen – vædske-fast fase, specielt ekstraktion af sukker fra sukkerroer“

13/2 1962 Civilingeniør Robert Djurtoft

“Saltopløselige proteiner i byg“

Dr. techn. 1960 - 1951

21/6 1960 Civilingeniør, lic.techn. N. Meyer

“Non-linear Distortion and Small-signal Parameters of Alloyed funtion“

17/3 1960 Civilingeniør L.J. Okholm

“Studier over syreproduktioner fra skimmelsvampen Aspergillus Niger“

8/10 1959 Civilingeniør Gunnar Thirup

“Studies on Networks with Periodically Variable Elements“

18/11 1958 Civilingeniør Jørgen Kjær

“Measurement and Calculation of Temperature and Conversion in Fixed-Bed Catalytic Reactors“

16/9 1958 Civilingeniør Hans Jacobsen

“Studier over varmtvandsrødning af hør med særlig omtale af rensning og genanvendelse af vand fra rødning“

16/12 1957 Civilingeniør Bent Højlund Rasmussen

“Numerisk integration af søjlens differentialligning“

29/11 1957 Civilingeniør Poul Sørensen


19/6 1956 Civilingeniør Kaj Nielsen

“Studies on the Non-Hydratable Soyabean Phosphatides“

3/6 1955 Civilingeniør Iver Herluf Nissen

“Dækshuses medvirken i langskibsforbandt“

27/5 1955 Civilingeniør Laurits Tage Muus

“Dielectric Investigations of Cellulose with Special Consideration of the Cellophane-Water System“

3/12 1954 Civilingeniør Morten Martin Jensen

“Shelter Effect“

6/11 1954 Civilingeniør Jens Peter Møller Bruun

“Coast Stability“

29/10 1954 Laboratorieforstander, civilingeniør Peter Holger Leth Pedersen

“Ageing Properties of Low Sulphur Rubber Vulcanisates“

18/3 1954 Eyvind Frederiksen

“Luftpulsationer i rørsystemer“

18/12 1953 Knud Hansen

“Undersøgelser vedrørende flyveaske og flyveaskeudskillere i forbindelse med riste-fyrede kedler“

25/9 1953 Jørgen Brinch Hansen

“Earth Pressure Calculation“

16/6 1953 Hans Lottrup Knudsen

“Antennesystemer med hel eller delvis Rotationssymmetri“

6/6 1953 Fritz Ingerslev

“Måling af lineær og ulineær forvrængning i elektrodynamiske højttalere“

29/4 1953 Max Arnold Madsen Nielsen

“Pressure Vibrations in Pipe Systems with Reference to Engines“

28/1 1953 Eggert Christian Flemming Greve Knuth-Winterfeldt, mag.scient.

“Korttidsmetoder til metallografisk Elektropolering ved Stuetemperatur“

11/12 1952 Børge Lunn

“Some Experiments with Sleeve Bearing Metals“

1/12 1952 Jørgen Marstrand

“Methods of Hydrodynamic Computation of Ship Propellers“

14/6 1952 Niels Finn Bisgaard

“Retningsbestemte termiske Felter“

24/11 1951 Thomas Toxby

“Fremstilling af gule og røde Jernoxydfarver“

1/11 1951 Frits Madsen

“Intermediate Changes of Concentration in Systems with Specified Initial and Final Concentrations“

5/7 1951 Jørgen Mygind

“Studier over Træbrand med særligt Henblik paa eksperimentelle Undersøgelser vedrørende Forbrænding af Fyrretræ“

26/6 1951 Niels Holm Johannesen

“Ejector Theory and Experiments“

29/3 1951 Frode Andersen, cand.mag.

“Studies on the Mechanical Properties of Cellulose Fibers in Relation to the Internal Structure“

15/3 1951 Anders Nielsen

“An Investigation on Promoted Iron Catalysts for the Synthesis of Ammonia“

9/2 1951 Erik John Harry Rishøj Bramslev

“Absorptionshastigheden of svovlbrinte i gasrensemasse“

Dr. techn. 1950 - 1941

16/12 1950 Svend Aage Harvald

“Wake of Merchant Ships“

27/10 1950 Johan Georg Christian Weber

“Some Investigations on the Illumination of Photographic Darkrooms and the Determination of the Spectral Sensitivity of Photographic Material“

27/6 1950 Bent Buchmann-Olsen, cand.mag.

“The Objective Measurement of Colour and Colour Changes“

2/6 1950 Andreas Louis Kornerup

“Subtraktiv Farveblanding med særligt Henblik paa Blanding af Pigmenter“

12/12 1949 Ulrik Krabbe

“The Transductor Amplifier“

9/12 1949 Helge Lundgren

“Cylindrical Shells“

3/5 1949 Flemming Juul

“Studier over Kartoflens Mørkfarvning efter Kogning“

21/4 1949 Poul Becher

“Om Beregning af Indblæsningsåbninger“

17/2 1949 Asger Kierbye Nielsen

“Mikrofonmaalinger med særlig Henblik paa Reciprocitetsmetoden“

6/7 1948 Karl Erik Jensen

“Undersøgelser over Forekomst og Uskadeliggørelse af virulente Tuberkelbakterier i Spildevand“

1/6 1948 Kristen Bo

“Studier over Sæbeudnyttelsen ved Vask med Sæbe og Alkali i haardt eller delvis afhærdet Vand“

13/11 1947 Per Søltoft

“On the Consistency of Mixtures of Hardened Fats“

10/4 1947 Per Draminsky

“Dæmpningen ved Torsionssvingninger i Krumtapaksler“

4/7 1946 Eigil Leonhardt Ettrup Petersen

“Studier over C-Vitaminets Nedbrydning ved Tørring og Lagring af Vegetabilier“

27/6 1946 Jens Hansen Jensen


9/11 1945 Johan Georg Hannemann

“Den usymmetriske Mellempunktmetode“

25/10 1945 Carl Johan T. Høegh

“An Analysis of the Factors which influence the Cylinder Wear in Diesel Engines with a special view to large marine units“

6/9 1945 Poul Emil Madsen

“Studier over Bankning i Forbrændingsmotorer“

19/4 1945 Per Brüel

“Rørmetodens Anvendelse i Akustiken“

8/3 1945 Johan Alfred Broge

“Om Carotinbestemmelsen“

5/3 1945 Erik Kæmpe

“Nogle systematiske Rulningsforsøg med normale Handelsskibsmodeller“

23/2 1945 Gunnar R. Fagerholt

“Particle Size Distribution of Products Ground in Tube Mill“

1/12 1944 Børge Johs. Rambøll

“Stabilitets- og Spændingsberegning af Rammesystemer“

8/6 1944 Svend Hartzack Hartmann

“Eksperimentelle Studier over de oxydative Virkninger i Smør og Mælk“

30/11 1943 Knud Winstrup Johansen


9/9 1943 Birger Trolle

“Studier over Attenuationsforholdene ved Ølgæringen med særligt Henblik paa en Revision af Ballings Formel“

25/6 1943 Mathias Oluf Jørgensen

“Elektrische Funkenspannungen mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Messentladungsstrecke“

12/11 1942 Jørgen S. Bielefeldt

“Studier over Karotin med særligt Henblik paa Holdbarheden i Lucernemel“

16/12 1941 Kaj C.S. Aasted

“Studier over Concheringsprocessen“

4/11 1941 Holger Jacob Rasmus Jørgensen

“Studier over Bromatvirkningens Natur“

25/9 1941 Carl Wilhelm Prohaska

“Lodrette Skibssvingninger med to Knuder“

28/4 1941 Vilhelm Lassen Jordan

“Elektroakustiske Undersøgelser af Materialer og Modeller“

Dr. techn. 1940 - 1918

16/9 1940 Søren Adolph Egeriis Berg

“Studies on Particle-Size Distribution“

8/7 1940 Hans Georg Koefoed

“Studier over Benzinsvind“

30/6 1940 Anders Nikolaj Neergaard

“Undersøgelser over Farvelakker af uorganiske Syrer“

28/6 1940 Ivar Hermann Johan Bertelsen

“Eksperimentelle Studier over induceret Støj i Telefon-Enkeltledninger“

19/3 1940 Arne V. Brieghel-Müller

“Über Filtrationsuntersuchungen“

7/3 1939 Paul Henry Bendtsen

“Urban and Suburban Railways“

16/2 1939 Kai Hofgaard

“Dilatometriske Fedtstof-Undersøgelser“

20/9 1938 H. Trap Friis

“A Multiple Unit Steerable Antenna for Short-Wave Reception“

6/4 1937 Leo A. Damm

“Opfinderrettens Genstand“

19/3 1937 Torbjørn Grenness

“The Accelerated Vulcanisation of Rubber“

17/9 1935 Jørgen Møller

“Studier over Ionbytningsprocessen med særligt Henblik paa Agrikulturkemien“

30/5 1934 Erik V. Meyer

“Undersøgelser over Cellebetons Volumenændringer samt over en Række Faktorers Indflydelse paa Cementmørtlers Volumenændringer“

3/5 1933 Povl Vinding

“Beiträge zur Lehre der Elektrizitätstarife“

26/6 1931 Axel V. Efsen

“Die Methode der primären Momente zur Berechnung ebener, statisch unbestimmter Systeme“

19/12 1930 Lauritz Th. Schouboe Madsen

“Detergent Action and Surface Activity“

17/10 1930 Christen Ostenfeld

“Lastverteilende Querverbände“

25/4 1930 Oktavius Ferdinand Nielsen

“Foranderlige Systemers statiske Virkemaade“

21/6 1929 A.H.M. Andreasen

“Zur Kenntnis des Mahlgutes“

10/5 1924 Chr. D.N. Nøkkentved

“Beregning af Pæleværker“

28/4 1920 Sigurd Smith


7/4 1920 Niels Jørgen Nielsen

“Bestemmelse af Spændingen i Plader ved Anvendelse af Differensligninger“

10/4 1918 Julius Hartmann, mag.scient.

“Nye Ensrettere og periodiske Afbrydere“