Airport to Lyngby Campus by car

How to get to DTU's main campus in Lyngby by car from the airport. For directions from Copenhagen, please follow this link.

From Ellehammersvej (by the airport) in the direction of Øresundsmotorvejen (E20) 

Keep on the right on Ellehammersvej to get on the highway Øresundsmotorvejen (E20)

Turn off the highway and turn right at exit 18 Tårnby

Turn left at the roundabout on Englandsvej

Later turn left on Vejlands allé

Turn right on Røde Mellemvej

Continue straight on Amagerfælledvej

Turn left on Amager Boulevard

Continue straight at Langebro

Continue straight on H.C. Andersens Boulevard

Continue straight on Gyldenløvesgade

Turn right on Nørre Søgade

Continue straight at Søtorvet

Turn left at Fredensbro

Continue straight on Tagensvej

Turn right on Nørre Allé

Continue straight on Lyngbyvej

Continue straight on Helsingørmotorvejen (19)

Keep to the left on Helsingørmotorvejen (19)

Keep to the right on Helsingørmotorvejen (19)

Continue straight on Helsingørmotorvejen (E47/E55)

Turn off the highway at exit 16, Lyngby C (E47/E55), and turn right

Turn right on Klampenborgvej

Turn right on Lundtoftegårdsvej

Turn left on Anker Engelunds Vej (the main building 101 is on your right)

Getting from the airport to DTU