Building 340: Room for Excellence

DTU Fotonik – department of photonic engineering is a state-of-the-art research department in light applications. The department growth has led to a need for a building creating two completely different environments. The new laboratories need darkened, dust- and vibration free settings. Contrary to the laboratories, the flexible settings of the offices and common areas aid to easily welcome new colleagues, construct transverse teams, and make adjustments within our organisation.

Building 340 is a three story structure located between Assmussens Alle and Ørsteds Plads. The building is located close to the existing buildings of DTU Fotonik. 

The majority of the building’s research facilities are subterranean. Dust particles and vibrations cause disturbance when researching in light and therefore most of the laboratories are located in the basement clean zone with no windows. The ventilated air is filtrated and researchers change into lab coats in pre-change zones for a minimum dust particle level. The ground and first floors are focused on keeping and aerial and light environment with transparent glass walls between offices and research- and teaching rooms. The hallways are furnished to encourage exchanging ideas on breaks to and from laboratories, printer room, or break room. 

The building will feature a long main passageway, Line of Light, providing the campus with a short cut between Asmussens Allé and Ørsteds Plads making a vivid window of exhibition of light source research. From the low-lying Asmussens Allé the passageway runs up a stairwell functioning both as a path and an auditorium for common meetings and lectures. At the end of the steps an inviting student environment is established close to the largest teaching laboratory. Line of Light continues through a glass hallway from where it is possible to follow the manufacture of optical fibres in one of the department draw towers. The tour of the building concludes in a café area centrally located towards the higher-level square of Ørsteds Plads.

Development Facts

  • Area: 3,700 m2
  • Budget: DKK 120 mio
  • Building period: 2014-2016
  • Architects: Rørbæk og Møller Arkitekter
  • Engineers: Alectia A/S
  • Head of contractor: B. Nygaard Sørensen

Department facts

The primary fields of DTU Fotonik are research, education, and innovation within the areas of communication technology, biomedical diagnostics and treatment, and energy efficient light sources. The department employs approximately 200 Danish and foreign nationals and is continuously increasing. It is the number one rule of the department to have all research be state-of-the-art and we hold an extensive network of Danish and international organisations.


Sune Aros Borch
Project Manager
+45 61 39 63 55