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As an employee at DTU, you get to realize your dreams. See how in the career video clips below.

Professor Helle Rootzen
DTU Compute

Professor Helle Rootzen talks about work life at DTU.

Senior researcher Tilmann Weber, DTU Biosustain

Senior researcher Tilmann Weber talks about working at DTU Biosustain.

PhD, Sune Riis Sørensen
DTU Aqua

Sune Riis Sørensen, DTU Aqua “On the way to successful European eel larval rearing”

PhD, Bjørn Maribo-Mogensen DTU Chemical Engineering

Bjørn Maribo-Mogensen, DTU Chemical Engineering: "Mathematical models for the 21st century chemical industry"

Senior researcher Robert Read, DTU Mechanical Eng...

Senior researcher Robert Read talks about moving to Denmark and his work at DTU Mechanical Engineering.

PhD Sarah Christine Christensen, DTU

Sarah Christine Christensen PhD, DTU Environment: "Asellus aquaticus and other invertebrates in drinking water distribution systems"

PhD, Tue Gunst
DTU Nanotech

PhD, Tue Gunst, DTU Nanotech “Transport and dynamics of nanostructured graphene”

PhD, Joanna Levinsen
DTU Space

Joanna Levinsen, DTU Space: “Essential Climate Variables for the Ice Sheets from Space and Airborne measurements”.

PhD, Camilla Ingvorsen
DTU Systems Biology

Camilla Ingvorsen, DTU Systems Biology “Perinatal programming of metabolic dysfunction and obesity-induced inflammation”

PhD, Lasse Eggers Pedersen, DTU Vet

Lasse Eggers Pedersen, DTU Vet: "Identification of peptides from foot-and-mounth disease virus structural proteins bound by class I swine leukocyte antigen"