Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc in Machine Learning, Biomedical Signal Processing, and Parallel Computing for Saving High-Risk Patients DTU Health Tech 25 APR 19
PhD scholarship in Direct Laser Writing of Pyrolytic Carbon Microelectrodes DTU Nanolab 25 APR 19
Researcher in Physical Geodesy DTU Space 25 APR 19
PhD scholarship in Magnetometry and Geophysical Inversion DTU Space 25 APR 19
Postdoc in Water Valorization Using Microalgae DTU Environment 26 APR 19
PhD position on Nanophotonic Devices for Integrated Photonics DTU Fotonik 26 APR 19
PhD scholarship in the field of Improving overall Equipment Efficiency in Silicon Crystal Growth Production with Digital Manufacturing Technologies DTU Mechanical Eng 28 APR 19
Research Assistant for the Institutional Development Section DTU Management 29 APR 19
PhD projects DTU Physics 29 APR 19
Researcher in Epidemiology and Machine Learning DTU Food 29 APR 19
Senior Advisor – Urban Planning with focus on Transportation DTU Management 29 APR 19
PhD Project in Photonic Hypercrystals for Bio-Sensing Applications DTU Fotonik 30 APR 19
Postdoc in Formal Methods and IoT DTU Compute 30 APR 19
Industrial PhD in Electrical Engineering DTU Electrical Eng 30 APR 19
Transient Data Specialist DTU Space 30 APR 19