Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc in CRISPR Library Screening for Mammalian Cell Factories Center for Biosustainability 28 FEB 19
Laboratory Technician Center for Biosustainability 07 MAR 19
Postdoc in Microbial Production of Cancer Therapeutics and Antipsychotics Center for Biosustainability 17 MAR 19
Programme and Deputy Director Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 28 FEB 19
PhD position: Improving reservoir souring treatments for chalk formations Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 07 MAR 19
Postdoctoral research position in Integration of Scale, Corrosion and Reservoir Souring Mitigations Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 07 MAR 19
Research Assistant in Numerical Modelling of Geothermal Fractured Reservoirs Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 27 FEB 19
PhD Scholarship: Characterization and Extraction of Protein from Agro-industrial Sources for Fish Feed DTU Aqua 31 MAR 19
Professorship in Population Ecology of Marine Fishes DTU Aqua 11 MAR 19
PCR Laborant til Fiske-og skaldyrssygdomme DTU Aqua 10 MAR 19
PhD Scholarship on Baltic Cod Migrations DTU Aqua 01 MAR 19
Professorship (with special responsibilities) in Statistical Modelling of Complex Aquatic Living Systems DTU Aqua 11 MAR 19
Professorship in Chemical Oceanography DTU Aqua 11 MAR 19
PhD Scholarship in Fish Population Ecology DTU Aqua 01 APR 19
PhD scholarship in Marine Microbial Ecology and Evolution DTU Bioengineering 15 MAR 19