Office for Innovation and Sector Services

Office for Innovation & Sector services (OIS) has a broad variety of tasks including: 

Information provision, documentation, analysis and mediation (DTU Library)

DTU Library secures an optimal information infrastructure and information service for scientific as well as administrative processes including access to scientific literature through license agreements.
The library collects, documents and archives information produced by DTU and carries out analyses of the university’s output and impact.
In addition, DTU Library supports studies and learning through development of the library’s facilities and through teaching in information skills.

Corporate law and contract law

The team in Law and Contracts handles contract negotiation including co-financed research, sponsored activities and commercialization.
Furthermore, Law and Contracts supports management and the departments in relation to different tasks within administrative law and participation in subsidiaries.

Public sector consultancy and sector collaboration

In collaboration with departments and ministries, the best possible framework for the existing public sector consultancy is ensured.
This concerns among other things financing, promotion of cross-disciplinary synergies and pursuing new tasks within public sector consultancy, national and international.
At the same time, the university strengthens its possibilities for directing larger social challenges in close collaboration with the private and public sector through sector development projects and cluster initiatives.

Commercialization and company collaboration

The team in business development supports and develops DTU’s goals concerning

  • more inventions and start-ups (including the support of the process from the notification of an invention to the patenting and to commercialization)
  • corporate innovation where large Danish/international companies and high-tech SMEs work together with scientists about research/innovation.


This team establishes and runs platforms in order to foster student innovation in close collaboration with departments and the education area.

Nurturing and building relationships

The team in Stakeholder Management plans and holds stakeholder visits including events and conferences.
Furthermore, the team plans and holds special events for differentiated target groups and develops the collaboration with DTU’s alumni by facilitating the framework for and the construction of platforms for networking, mentoring, professional knowledge sharing and career development in continuation of DTU’s activities.


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