Photo: Marianne Vang Ryde

Peter Grønborg

We met Peter Grønborg at the library on Lyngby Campus at 8 a.m. on rainy November day—wearing knee-long shorts. He never wears long trousers or coats, and is a 3rd-semester MSc Eng student of Mathematical Modelling and Computation.

Why are you here so early?

“I’m always trying to get up early to get off to a good start in the morning where I’m most efficient. In the afternoon, you’re a bit more tired and look forward to the evening. I live at the Kampsax Kollegiet hall of residence, so I can almost roll out of my bed and straight into the lecture room.

I’m looking at an assignment we’ve just got—the very last one in the last course of my study programme. I’ll be writing my thesis next semester. It’ll be about deep learning and classification of images. I’ll make the code that makes sure the machine is able to learn. It could, for example, be used in connection with self-driving cars.”

So that is not your biggest challenge right now?

“No, right now my biggest challenge is to find some good places places to sit and study. It’s brilliant that the library is open again, but it can be difficult to find a peaceful place to study without having to sit in a cubicle.”

What has made you most happy during your studies?

“The ‘Wow!’ experience or the feeling that I actually understand what I’m doing is super nice. And to see that it can be used in practice. The assignments you do are related to something that is actually used—real data. I really like that what I study is linked to reality. It gives me the feeling that my time and energy isn’t wasted. It’s actually for the greater good.”