Visiting dignitaries

Each month DTU welcomes delegations and dignitaries from home and abroad. Below is a selection of the most recent visits.





Photo: Bax Lindhardt


Inauguration of Building 202

HRH The Crown Prince inaugurates DTU’s new building complex which brings together a large part of the university’s research environment within life science and bioengineering. 

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Photo: Mikal Schlosser

High Tech Summit 

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind (right), visited DTU on 20 September on the opening day of DTU’s High Tech Summit.

After giving a speech, the Minister got an introduction to some of the most prominent digital trends such as augmented reality.


Photo: Bax Lindhardt


Crown Princess Mary inaugurates new Hall of Residence on Lyngby Campus

Om 13 September, DTU welcomed HRH Crown Princess Mary when she visited Lyngby Campus for the inauguration of the new hall of residence—Hempel Kollegiet, DTU.

Hempel Kollegiet, DTU is the result of a generous donation from the Hempel Foundation. The new Hall of Residence will house both Danish and international students and the 200 rooms are fully furnished. Read the story in its entirety.


EuroTech Presidents’ Meeting 
On June 23, the EuroTech Presidents’ Meeting was held at DTU where Anders Bjarklev welcomed his colleagues President Wolfgang Herrmann, Technical University of Munich (TUM), President Jan Mengelers, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), and President Martin Vetterli, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Prior to the meeting, the presidents took part in the opening of DTU Green Challenge Student Conference and visited student projects from DTU, TUM and TU/e. 

At the EuroTech Presidents Meeting the presidents discussed the previous successes of the alliance, including the EuroTech COFUND project which will fund the recruitment of 80 fellows to a joint EuroTech Postdoc programme for a two-year period. It will have a total cost of €11.328 million, of which €5.664 million will come in the form of an EU grant. The presidents also discussed new initiatives that will strengthen the cooperation within EuroTech and signed off a joint Letter of Support for a joint proposal on implementation of gender action plans.

For further information on EuroTech please contact Anne Mette Holt, Head of International Relations,, +45 4525 1017.
For further information on the EuroTech COFUND project please contact Stine Work Brodersen,, +45 4525 1156.



Photo: Mikal Schlosser

Precision medicine delegation from Singapore 
On 22 March, a large delegation from Singaporean ministries and agencies visited DTU to explore how Denmark addresses the challenges and opportunities that come with building nation-wide programs in precision medicine. 

DTU hosted a one-day conference where discussions spanned across research, ethics, clinical translation, organizational strategies, computation, personalized health technology and funding. The day was concluded by identifying possible future collaboration areas. From Denmark, the national precision medicine environment was represented by DTU, KU SUND, Capital Region of Denmark, Ministry of Health and Danish Regions.

The conference was co-organized by Department of Bio and Health Informatics, DTU Office for International Relations and Office for Innovation and Sector Services.



Photo: DTU

Members of the Italian Parliament visits PowerLabDK on Tuesday, 28 March

A delegation from the Italian political party Movimento 5 Stella (M5S) paid a visit to PowerLabDK at DTU Elektro, Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) as part of their trip to Copenhagen this week. The purpose of the visit was to get an introduction to how we do things in Denmark when it comes to sustainable energy. Read the story in its entirety.




Photo: DTU

Chairwoman of the Danish Social Democratic Party visits DTU

On Monday, 20 February 2017 Mette Frederiksen, MP and chairwoman of the Social Democratic Party visited DTU to meet President Anders Bjarklev to discuss the creation and maintenance of industrial jobs in Denmark, and to get an intruduction to the exciting and ground-breaking research at DTU BioSustain, DTU Mechanical Engineering, and DTU Chemical Engineering.


November 2016


Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen

Lockheed Martin CEO visits DTU

On 14 November, Marillyn Hewson, Chairman, President and CEO of global aerospace and security company Lockheed Martin, visited DTU Lyngby Campus where she addressed students from the departments of Space and Mechanical Engineering, with which Lockheed Martin conducts a number of joint research programmes.
Through a co-operative agreement, signed in August 2015, the two organizations are conducting joint research on a number of space technology and mechanical engineering programmes.

Lockheed Martin is also working with the university to explore further collaborative projects in cybersecurity, material science and precision navigation. In addition, with its Danish supply chain partner Terma, a key supplier to the F-35 Lightning II fifth-generation fighter programme, Lockheed Martin established an F-35 Master’s Student Internship Program for DTU students. And finally, five DTU students held internships at the company’s Aeronautics business in Fort Worth, Texas earlier this year with successful candidates for 2017 internships soon to be announced. 


Photo: Sabine Askholm Larsen

Delegation from Singapore

At the end of September, DTU was visited by a delegation of 22 researchers, public authority representatives, and business representatives from the Building and Construction Authorities (BCA) in Singapore.

Over a period of one week, DTU researchers and other experts held a number of presentations for the delegation. The visit also involved excursions to a number of architecturally and functionally interesting buildings and infrastructure installations throughout Denmark with the kind assistance of a number of partners. The programme was organized by DTU Civil Engineering and was carried out as an income-generating activity. Follow the link to read the story in its entirety.


Photo: Thorkild Amdi Christensen

Distinguished Swiss visit

Swiss ambassador Benedikt Wechsler visited DTU on 28 September and stopped by DTU Skylab and DTU Compute.

President Anders Bjarklev and Dean Martin Bendtsøe were on hand to welcome the ambassador and to talk about, among other things, DTU's cooperation with the Swiss university EPFL in Lausanne, which takes place through the Eurotech Universities Alliance


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