DTU publishes a number of booklets about the University in English. 

Some of the publications are annual, others are unique editions made for specific purposes. 

The publications can be viewed here in e-pages or PDF-format (or ordered free from the contact address 


Presentation of the University:

DTU in profile 2018

DTU in profile 2018 (e-pages) 
  the University's annual publication.

Strategy 2014-2019 (e-pages)
   corporate strategy for DTU.

DTU Policies (e-pages)
  DTU policies for education, research, scientific advice, and innovation.

Collaborating with DTU (e-pages)
  Framework for agreements on research collaboration

Communication policy  (pdf) and Principles for DTU’s communication (pdf).


Information for international students and staff:


Engineer your future (e-pages)
   brochure on bachelor's and master’s programmes at DTU.

BSc in General Engineering (pdf)
  leaflet on DTU’s international BSc programme in General Engineering.

Exchange students (pdf)
  leaflet for international exchange students who wish to come to DTU.

DTU Summer University (pdf)
  leaflet on DTU Summer University in June, July,or August.

Welcome guide for international employees and PhD students (pdf)
  information for international employees before and after arrival. 

Graduate and Employer Survey for DTU's two-year MSc Eng programme
  (e-pages) survey from augumn 2015 of 3,106 graduates and 50 employers.