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Alliances and strategic partnerships

A strong network of partner universities strengthens DTU's position as an international elite university. This makes DTU competitive in a global context, opens up the global job market and attracts resources and talent from around the world.
Specially chosen partners

Since 2006, DTU has worked on being part of especially close, strategic partnerships and alliances with partners where there are mutual benefits in working closer together.

Through alliances and strategic partnerships the following outcomes have been achieved:

  • Unique joint education programmes
  • Shared research initiatives 
  • An international network for younger researchers
  • A strategic foundation for achieving external funding
  • Possibilities for structured exchange of experience with international colleagues the same—both in scientific, teaching and administrative terms.
  • Development of new methods and practices 

DTU is part of alliances and strategic partnerships with universities from the Nordic countries, Europe and Asia. Furthermore, DTU has a number of close collaborators from different parts of the world. 


Anne Mette Holt
Office for Research and Relations
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