Nordic Five Tech

Nordic Five Tech

Nordic Five Tech is a strategic alliance between the five leading technical universities in the North; Chalmers in Göteborg, KTH in Stockholm, NTNU in Trondheim, Aalto University in Helsinki and DTU.

The purpose of Nordic Five Tech is to create a common entrance point for international students, to engineering programmes in the North. 

Furthermore the alliance makes use of the complementary strengths between the universities, for creating synergy between education, research and innovation. This collaboration between the universities creates increased benefits for researchers and students at the alliance universities. 

The alliance is based on concrete collaboration projects. Examples hereof are Joint Master Programmes, PhD courses and quality assurance through peer-to-peer evaluation. 

Read more about the collaboration projects on the Nordic Five Tech website.

The alliance collaborates on creating an ”extended campus”, where different learning activities for students is offered across the alliance member universities. This includes student competitions, intensive courses on special research equipment and the establishment of a joint PhD course database.

The alliance has created a number of Joint Master Programmes with financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. You can read more about the Joint Master Programmes in the box on the right. 

Furthermore, the students also play an active role in the alliance through collaboration between the five Student Unions.

The alliance was established in 2006. The chairmanship shifts between the member universities and the alliance is governed through annual presidents meetings.