Food Safety and Quality

As consumers, we are now very conscious of what we put in our mouths and the important role played by food in our health and quality of life. This includes the quality of raw ingredients, nutritional content and food safety, which is about the effects of any chemicals and pathogenic bacteria contained in our food. We can now trace such contaminants by analysing the entire production chain from the raw ingredient to the final product—or "field to table", as we call it. 

All-embracing programme
Food Safety and Quality is a relatively new programme at DTU and has been put together to give graduates the very skills that the job market is looking for. Students will acquire broad-based, interdisciplinary expertise in microbiology, chemistry, toxicology, nutrition and production—all disciplines that are used in state-of-the-art, risk-based management and control of food quality and production. The programme will give students a theoretical and analytical understanding of food quality that can be used to assess foodstuffs and their importance for our health.

Not just one university, but two
Food Safety and Quality is a partnership programme run jointly by DTU and the University of Copenhagen. Students spend one semester studying at the University of Copenhagen (Faculty of Life Sciences), while the rest of the programme is held at DTU. Food Safety and Quality is a unique course in inspiring, academic environments and students can choose from a wide range of subjects at both universities for their final project. 

Job opportunities
With a degree in food safety and quality graduates can apply for a job in food production and inspection in the public sector or with food producers in the private sector. They can also use their qualifications in biological and pharmaceutical production or in catering, where an understanding of food handling is also of vital importance.

Head of Studies
Lars Bogø Jensen

Danish students

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Twin campuses

Photo: Mikal Schlosser
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