Software Technology

The Software Technology programme is aimed at students who want do a BEng and work in the IT industry in its broadest sense. This BEng programme at DTU teaches students software design and development, based on models to ensure that the final system has the required functionality.

We start from first principles, but even in the first semester students are doing small projects and trying things out in practice.

Professionel competency
The development of the complex software systems of the future demands methodical techniques—from idea, performance specification, analysis, design and programming to testing, implementation and operation. Students need to have a profound understanding of the whole process play a vital role in the design of such systems to ensure that the end result is a robust and reliable product that can be developed further and modified later on. 

The programme is structured around courses in programming, development and test methods, large and complex systems such as databases and network communication as well as courses in mathematics, propability theory and statistics.

Electives and internship
Towards the end of the programme students are given the opportunity to specialize. They can follow their own vocational interests, firstly in the form of electives equivalent to half a year of study and secondly in the form of an engineering internship and final project. The internship will be with a company—either in Denmark or abroad.  

A strong future
Graduates can work in the public or private sector on computer technology, system development, network systems, the Internet, communicationsm and programming.

Head of Studies
Christian W. Probst

Danish students

Please go to the Danish website to learn more about the BEng programmes at DTU.

Twin campuses

Photo: Mikal Schlosser
BEng students at DTU have courses on our twin campuses:
• DTU Lyngby Campus
• DTU Ballerup Campus