Mathematics and Technology

Mathematics is the universal language of technology and science. The world around us is pervaded by mathematics and its technological applications. Bridges are built using mathematics and steel, mobile phone signals are encoded using mathematics, and your credit card is encrypted using mathematical models.

A firm foundation
The BSc programme introduces students to the basic fields and applications of mathematics. They gain some insight into algorithms and computer-based solutions to number-crunching tasks; they work on solving differential equations and using statistical methods to describe and analyse data, and they will learn to think creatively and abstractly—enabling them to work on the development of artificial intelligence in robots and the maths behind computer graphics and image analysis, for example.

Graduates can also work on the development of software to optimize processes and products in industry.

During the programme
Teaching alternates between lectures, classes, practicals and project work. The problems to be solved are often very concrete and familiar from everyday life, whereas the mathematical methods used to solve them are more theoretical and abstract.

As the programme progresses students can choose to study the aspects of mathematics that most interest them in depth. They also have the chance to learn traditional engineering disciplines.

Mathematics gives you freedom of choice
A BSc in mathematics and technology give graduates sound mathematical foundations and experience in developing and running mathematical models in different fields. That is why graduates in engineering with a background in mathematics and technology are in demand in the public and private sectors.

Head of Studies
Christian Henriksen

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