Environmental Management and Ethics

What is the value of a rare frog? How to balance economic growth against environmental protection? A new online course from DTU Environment offers authorities and industry help to analyse complex environmental ethic dilemmas and provide them with appropriate decision-support tools and ethical guidance.

There is an increasing need for people that can understand and analyse an environmental dilemma from different ethical perspectives.

Politicians, authorities and professional organisations often find themselves in a situation, where they have to handle complex environmental, health and societal dilemmas and there the “right” decision is not always clear from an ethical perspective. This may even be coupled with significant scientific uncertainty and a whole range of potential environmental ethical implications that have to be given consideration.

DTU Environment therefore offers a new international online course in Environmental Management and Ethics targeting authorities, industries and people with general interest in the environment. The course will make the participants capable of analysing ethical challenges associated with environmental dilemmas and use different decision-support tools to manage and regulate the environment.

International scope
The new online postgraduate course is international in scope. The education is only provided in English and it is offered worldwide via Coursera. Coursera was founded in 2012 by professors from Stanford University. Today 149 universities from all over the world are part of Coursera offering more than 2.000 different courses.

“We are happy to offer the course on Environmental Management and Ethics as a part of Coursera’s exclusive campaign #LearnActImpact with focus on acting and making an impact on some of the most difficult issues facing our world – like environment, social empowerment, diversity and integration.”, says associate professor Steffen Foss Hansen, DTU Environment who is one of the course coordinators.  

Environmental Management & Ethics consists of three modules that introduce environmental ethics, environmental management of complicated problems, commonly used environmental decision-support tools such as cost-benefit analysis and stakeholder analysis and finally, environmental regulation and principles such as command-and-control regulation and the precautionary principle. The teaching and learning activities are available online including video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts and peer review assignments. 

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