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Exchange students, Ballerup Campus

DTU welcomes students from our partner institutions abroad as exchange students on DTU Ballerup Campus for studies at the semester programme.

Semester programmes on DTU Ballerup Campus are full time programmes lasting one semester (equivalent to 30 ECTS).

Students can also select courses from our ordinary engineering programmes taught in English and compose a semester of 30 ECTS.

Autumn or spring semesters

All the programmes are offered twice a year:

Autumn semester:

  • 1 September to 23 December incl. exams for IBS semester programmes or
  • 1 September to 25 January incl. exams for all other courses

Spring semester:

  • 1 February to 30 June incl. exams for IBS semester programmes as well as for all other courses.


At DTU, all BEng exchange students are required to follow courses of a total of 30 ECTS (also non-ERASMUS students) during one semester.

Students are not supposed to follow courses at home while studying at DTU.

Internships are not considered for the exchange programmes. Students are supposed to follow courses or do course- and project work while on exchange at DTU.

All programmes for exchange students are taught in English, and the programmes are also open for Danish students.

Furthermore, we offer individual programmes (courses and/or project work) to students from our exchange partner institutions.

The exchange programmes provides you with new skills in:

  • Practical problem-solving
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Cooperation and intercultural awareness through
  • Hands-on, problem-based learning
  • Projects based on input from companies
  • Projects groups composed of students from more than 25 countries
  • Intercultural communication

DTU Ballerup Campus

Photo: Jon Nordstrøm
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The Bologna Process is a European initiative to bring about transparency and compatibility across higher education in Europe. An important aspect of enabling student mobility, and particularly moving on to a further degree in another country, is a system of credits, used for recognition and accumulation—the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). All our courses are assigned a value in terms of ECTS points. Successful completion of an academic year of two terms accumulates 60 ECTS-points. Bachelor’s degrees have an ECTS value of 180 points, and master’s 120 points.