Clubs and associations

DTU has a wide range of various clubs and associations for both students and employees. The following list includes a selection of the various clubs and associations with links to their respective websites—some of the websites might be in Danish. For further information please contact the club or association directly.  


For a list of all PF and non-PF clubs, please follow the link.

Polytechnical Association (PF)

Founded in 1845, the Polytechnical Association (PF) is the oldest student organization in Denmark. The association represents all engineering students at DTU. Independent of all party politics, PF work closely with the mangement at DTU to ensure that the students have influence on their own education.
But PF is also a social organization in charge of arranging e.g. freshers' trips and running the S-House (S-Huset) in building 101 on DTU Lyngby Campus. The S-House is the students' house and home to cafés and bars, a host of gaming facilities, hobby clubs, concerts, and annual events such as a football tournament (soccer), Fun Run, Idols and ski trip.


The S-House (S-Huset) is the house of the students at DTU. This is where the students can meet and relax with a cup of coffee in the lunchbreak or take a beer after lectures. S-Huset plays a key role within the study environment at DTU, because the house is for the students. There are many game facilities, for instance smooker, billards, tablesoccer, shuffleboard plus a broad variety of board games. S-Huset also has a café called Kaffehuset, in which you can buy various goodies and ticket coupons, and also has a fireplace lounge and a study hall. In the evening there is musical entertainment as well as other events. To learn more about distinctive clubs, go to the website of The S-House; be aware that the information is provided in Danish only.

Sports at DTU

DTU has a large selection of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Indoors you can play soccer (football) and badminton, dance, sing, attend yoga classes or sweat it out in the fitness centre. Outdoors you can play soccer (football), rugby, basket or beach volleyball. You can also go sailing on Øresund or soar through the air in a hang glider. Check out your options on DTU Sport.

5 km running track on DTU Lyngby Campus 

5 km jogging trail

DTU has its own jogging trail on campus. Each year PF holds a Fun Run on the Friday before the autumn holidays begin, and each spring most the DTU convene for the annual 3 x 5 km relay race. American exchange student Bryan Boyce posted a video of his run in 2012 on youtube.


    DTU's Art Association

    The purpose of DTU’s Art Association is to explore art and artistic expression, and by so doing impart an artistic dimension to students and staff at DTU. The association arranges exhibitions and events throughout the year.

    PKS (Student Housing Organization)

    Polyteknisk KollegieSelskab (PKS) is a student housing organization for students in Denmark. It is a non-profit cooperative society founded by a group of dormitories and managed by an unsalaried board, in which representatives of dormitory boards and residents form the majority. The task of PKS is to manage dormitories and to assist in establishing new ones.

    DTU Choir

    The DTU Choir is a university choir for faculty, staff, and students. The choir is led by Torben Eskildsen, who has performed as a singer at the Sydney Opera House, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Versailles Opera, among other places. The choir meet every Tuesday during the teaching semester from 4.30-8 p.m. in the Glass Hall in Building 101, DTU Lyngby Campus. If you would like to  join the choir, come to the rehearsal on a Tuesday evening, and sign up for the group ”Universitetskoret DTU” on CampusNet.  


      Meeting place and inspirational forum for employees and students who are interested in piano music. The members of PianoForum DTU are accomplished beginners who enjoy meeting likeminded peers and play, listen and discuss. The repertoire typically includes classical music, Jazz and improvisations. You don’t have to be a virtuoso to become a member, but you have to be a bit above beginner level. For more information, please contact Professor Ole Christensen from DTU Compute.


      Hypatia - Women in Engineering is a network for all women connected to DTU. Through different activities like inspiring talks, dinners and interesting company visits, Hypatia is working towards strengthening its members’ personal networks, both socially and professionally - during and after studying. The network is run by students or newly graduated female engineers, therefore most of Hypatia’s events especially focus on students’ interests.

      Join our events and meet our active members, hear about our activities and ask questions or share your wishes for future events. The network is always open for new members, and if you want to boost your CV, make an impact on fellow students and shape next year with a lot of exciting events, contact us to know how to become an active member. If you have any questions contact us on