Industrial collaboration

DTU consider collaboration with external partners as an important and strategic mission. Collaboration ensures that DTU’s research-based knowledge and technologies are being disseminated to the society. Industrial collaboration is a key access for DTU researchers to the research and innovation agenda in the business community.

Research collaboration, knowledge and innovation

The mission of DTU is to develop and utilize the natural and technical sciences to benefit society. Accordingly, collaboration with external parties is a very important task in order to ensure the transfer of technology and knowledge to society. DTU has a long tradition of research collaborations with small and large businesses, Approved Technological Service Institutes, other research institutions, and universities in Denmark and abroad. Access to DTU’s inventions and technologies

Companies and other external parties can get direct access to high-tech and research-based knowledge from one of the world’s leading technical universities. DTU is the most active university in Denmark in respect to patenting with a comprehensive portfolio of approximately 200 patented technologies. Companies can access this knowledge and expertise through utilization of the intellectual property.

Student training service and projects Private and public companies can utilize the student’s knowledge and research by providing traineeship and joint research project for the students at DTU.

Businesses and the PhD Programme at DTU

DTU works together with a large number of businesses in the education of PhD students. The following models of collaboration are available.

  • Co-financing a PhD student
  • Industrial PhD