Photo: Vibeke Hempler


Cycling is very common in Denmark. Many people use bicycles as their primary means of transport—in fact more than 40 per cent of all Copenhageners commute by bicycle! 

Bicycle facilities in Copenhagen are excellent: Many roads have separate cycle paths and you can bring your bicycle free-of-charge on the S-Train.


Rules and regulations

Click on the module on this page to read all about the rules and regulations for cyclists in Denmark. The brochure is issued by the Danish police. Please bear in mind, that you are not immune to the traffic law and that failure to obey the rules might cost you a  fine of DKK 700 kroner or more...

Bikes in downtown Copenhagen

Pay as you go city-bikes

Since 1995 Copenhagen's city-bikes (Bycykler) have been a mainstay of the city’s traffic. If you are only planning to use the electric Bycyklen a few times, for example if you are visiting Copenhagen, you should choose Pay as you go, which costs DKK 25 per hour. If you plan to use Bycyklen more often you can sign up for a monthly subscription, which costs 70 kr./month until the subscription is cancelled. With a monthly subscription the first half hour is always free, and the following hours cost DKK 6 per hour  from April to November. The bikes offer riders a built-in tablet and navigation system. Please read more on

Getting a bicycle


You can get a new bicycle from bike shops or supermarkets such as Kvickly, Super Brugsen and Føtex.


Ask around or look for students posting bike sales on CampusNet, Facebook or the “buy and sell” section on Portalen. Some shops such as sell second hands bikes. Other popular options are:

  • Den Blå Avis or Gul & Gratis- lots of privately sold used bikes. These newspapers are published in Danish, so ask a Danish-speaking person for help. and
  • The Police bicycle auctions in Copenhagen. The auction room is located on Slotsherrensvej 113 in Vanløse. Phone3874 8822. Bike auctions approximately every two weeks. Be aware that the bikes are sometimes in lousy condition and need quite a bit of money to fix. Only cash and Dankort can be used as payment at the auction.
  • Log on to and fill in the form. Within 24/48 hours they will send you an email and present a second hand bike that meets your requirement and budget. The service is free to use and you can try the bike before deciding if you want to buy it.

Renting a bike

It is also possible to rent a bike. Some companies such as Copenhagen Bicycles have special offers for students.