Busstoppested på Anker Engelunds Vej

Public Transport

DTU Lyngby Campus is located a mere 3 km from Lyngby train station and 15 km north of Copenhagen. Lyngby Station is a hob for S-trains and busses. Bus services with stops on Anker Engelunds Vej (the street with DTU's main entrance) are busses no. 300S, 180E, 181E, 30E, and 190. If you live close by, your best bet is to cycle.

Plan your route on rejseplanen.dk

Zones and tickets

Public transport in the Capital region uses a common pricing and zoning system. You can transfer freely between buses, trains, and the Metro with the same ticket or travel card.

You can buy tickets at train or metro stations by using the ticket machines (Billetautomat), which accept credit cards and Danish coins (not bills). Note that bus drivers accept cash only (coins and bills) and that travelling without a valid ticket will result in a fine of up to DKK 750.

For more information on public transportation in Copenhagen, please go to: VisitCopenhagen. 


When you have obtained a NEM-ID, you can apply for a "Ungdomskort", which will give you student discounts for public transportation.

Apply for "Ungdomskort" on ungdomskort.dk  


Public Transportation from Copenhagen to DTU Lyngby

The Capital region has an extensive public transportation system. In the day time the Metro runs every 4-6 minutes, busses run every 5-10 minutes, trains run every 10 minutes. Travelling time from Copenhagen Airport to DTU Lyngby is about 60 minutes.

Going from the Airport:

  • Buy a ticket worth of 6 zones (the zones are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 30, 41, and 51). Approximate cost is DKK 72.
  • Take the Metro: M2 towards “Vanløse”.
  • Get off at Nørreport Station.

Going from Nørreport Station:

If you start your journey from Nørreport Station, you will need to buy a ticket worth of 5 zones (the zones are 1, 2, 30, 41, and 51). Approximate cost is DKK 60.

From Nørreport Station you have two options for further travels:

Option 1:

  • Take bus 150S or 15E.
  • Get off at the stop called “Rævehøjvej/DTU.”
  • Walk across the bridge and you have arrived at DTU.

Option 2:

  • Take S-train A towards “Hillerød” or S-train E towards “Holte”.
  • Get off at “Lyngby” station.
  • Take one of the following busses:
    • Bus 300S towards “Nærum St.”
    • Bus 180E/181E towards “DTU”
    • Bus 190 towards “Holte St.”
  • Get off at the stop called “DTU”.


Taxi from Copenhagen Airport to DTU Lyngby

Taxis from the Airport to DTU Lyngby cost about DKK 600. Credit cards are welcomed in most taxis. Vacant taxis display a sign with the word: “FRI” (vacant). Travelling time is about 30 min.

The main building of DTU Lyngby is located at:
Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Building 101A
2800 Kgs. Lyngby