Admission and deadlines for MSc students

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Please contact International Affairs if you have any questions about application, scholarships or procedures.

For deadlines for the Autumn 2016 intake, please scroll down.

Autumn 2016

The application process for the Autumn 2016 intake is open for EU / EEA citizens.

Important dates 

 Date Admission Procedure
9 November   Online application forms open
15 January Application deadline for non-EU/EEA applicants and applicants to the Nordic5Tech programmes. Deadline for payment of Application fees.
1 March Application deadline for EU/EEA applicants

End March

15 April

End April / start May

Non EU/EEA applicants: Assessment of applications ends

Deadline for accepting study place

Non EU/EEA applicants: tuition fee waivers awarded

End April EU/EEA applicants: Assessment of applications ends

1 May

15 May

Non-EU/EEA applicants: Deadline for tuition fee payment

Deadline for submission of accommodation form (please keep in mind that DTU does not offer a guarantee for accommodation)

15 June

Applicants with a Danish BSc/BEng degree, who applied before 1 April, will receive an answer to their application on this date at the latest

15 July ALL APPLICANTS: Deadline for submission of Language test ,Diploma and completed academic transcripts

23 - 26 August

Introduction week
29 August Semester start

The application process for the Autumn 2017 intake will open on 1 November 2016.

Please note, the deadlines for submission of English Language test will be 15 January 2017 for NON EU / EEA applicants and 1 March 2017 for EU / EEA applicants.

Study Start

The academic year starts on the Monday closest to 1 September. You can find an overview of the current academic year in DTU's study handbook.

As a newly admitted student you will be formally admitted from 1 September.