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Transport and Logistics

MSc degree programme in Transport and Logistics
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Transport and Logistics


Logistics and transport are essential to modern society. Engineers have always participated in the creation of new infrastructure, but technological and societal developments have made infrastructure problems increasingly complicated. Now logistics planning and management have developed into separate scientific disciplines and specializations.

The DTU MSc in Engineering in Transportation and Logistics is one of the few full MSc programmes in Europe dedicated entirely to transportation and logistics. The engineering approach to transport and logistics implies mathematical modelling and computer-based solutions to optimize transport and logistics.

The students obtain in-depth knowledge about traffic, transportation and logistics in combination with skills in software technology, data analysis and statistics, operations research, geo-informatics, economics, planning theory and management. The student may choose to focus mainly on one mode, e.g. road or rail transportation, or the focus can be multi-modal.

The study can focus on applications used for real-life problems, and the MSc thesis project is often completed in cooperation with private firms or public authorities. The focus can also be on methods and research so that graduates wishing to pursue a PhD and research career will be prepared for this.

This degree programme enjoys a wide network of contacts among both private enterprises and public authorities with which projects can be undertaken during the course. It also has links with international universities, enabling students to spend one semester studying abroad.

Programme coordinator

Kim Bang Salling
Associate professor
DTU Transport
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Joanna Wisniewska

Nicola Rigoni

Peter Juel Jensen

Valdemar Warburg