Tuition fees and terms of payment

EU/EEA citizens are not required to pay tuition fees to enrol in degree programmes in Denmark as their tuition fees are covered by the Danish state. 

Most Non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay tuition fees. However, click here to see which non-EU/EEA citizens are exempt from paying tuition fees.

Spring 2017 intake: The tuition fee for paying students enrolled in a DTU study programme is EUR 13,500 per academic year.

Autumn 2017 intake; The tuition fee for paying students enrolled in a DTU study programme will be EUR 15,000 per academic year.

What does the tuition fee cover?

The tuition fee covers educational expenses such as courses, academic supervision, exams, counselling and administrative services, etc. Please note that the tuition fees do not cover books, computers, printers, and such.

Payment deadlines and terms

Tuition fees must be paid per semester, and it is not possible to pay in instalments (e.g. two instalments per semester). Students may also choose to pay for an entire academic year all at once.

Payment deadline for

MSc degree programmes

Autumn semester

1 May

Spring semester

1 November

Generally, payment is made for the completion of a total of 120 credit points, with a normal workload of 30 credit points per semester.

In the course of a semester, students have the right to complete as many activities offered within the programme (projects and/or courses) as they wish. Students enrolled in MSc programmes, who complete activities amounting to less than 30 credit points per semester, must also pay EUR 6,750 (Spring 2017 intake) / EUR 7,500 (Autumn 2017 intake) per semester.

Students who have not completed their studies within the normal period of study have the right to complete their studies in the course of another academic year without paying tuition fees.

Students who have not completed their studies in the normal period of study + one year (i.e. by 1 September) must subsequently pay EUR 6,750 (Spring 2017 intake) / EUR 7,500 (Autumn 2017 intake) per semester or fraction thereof.

Students who complete their studies in less than the normal number of semesters must pay tuition fees for the full number of semesters plus any traineeship period.

Failure to meet the payment deadline

Students who do not pay their tuition fees on time are withdrawn from the study administration system and will no longer be able to enrol for courses or examinations. When the outstanding fees have been paid, the student must contact the relevant office for further information.