Seniorresearcher Mikkel Jørgensen and professor Frederik C. Krebs

Two researchers from DTU among the most cited scientists in the world

Wednesday 27 Aug 14

Six bright minds from DTU

The researchers from DTU mentioned in THE WORLD’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014 are Mikkel Jørgensen (Materials Science), Frederik C. Krebs (Materials Science), Søren Molin (Biology/Biochemistry), Morten Nielsen (Computer), Kim Pilegaard (Agricultural Science) and Søren Brunak (Microbiology)

Frederik C. Krebs and Mikkel Jørgensen from the Solar Energy Section at DTU Energy Conversion are among the brightest scientific minds of the world. They do research on organic photovoltaic cells.

The international information company Thomson Reuter has identified the researchers all over the world who are among the most influential scientific minds of our time.

Among those bright scientific minds are Professor Frederik C. Krebs and Senior Researcher Mikkel Jørgensen from DTU Energy Conversion.

Together with four other researchers from the Technical University of Denmark they appear in the report: THE WORLD’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014, compiled by Thomson Reuter by analysing which researchers have produced work that is most frequently cited by their peers.

The individuals listed in the report are influencing the future direction of their fields, and of the world, by their research. Measuring their impact in terms of the recognition by their peers, in the form of citations, is precisely what makes their status meaningful.

Read the report here:

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