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28 JUN

I’d like to be a space tourist

Five events have influenced the carreer of John Leif Jørgensen from DTU Space . Read how he experienced the Apollo launch and became inspired by Danish adventurer Troels...

Space research
27 JUN

Playware-AUT eSport robotspil på Roskilde Festival

Styr din robot gennem festivalområdet for at samle og sortere affald, og lever det korrekt til affaldssortering, uden at din robot vælter telte eller toiletvogne undervejs...

27 JUN

Guest lecture at Electromagnetic Systems Group

Guest lecture at Electromagnetic Systems Group Multiple electromagnetic scattering by randomly distributed and oriented obstacles Prof. Emeritus Gerhard Kristensson...

23 JUN

Killing bacteria with electromagnetic fields

Attempting to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria with resonant electromagnetic fields is no easy task and has never been done before. But with the DireWaves project Nikolaj...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Chemistry
23 JUN

Looking for a cellulose solution

How do we best utilize the diverse structures of cellulose most efficiently and sustainably? Yanrong Liu’s work on predictive screening of ionic liquids for dissolving...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Chemistry
Photo: Joachim Rode
22 JUN

Analysing cell factories

This ultra-modern analytical laboratory is located in the recently inaugurated premises on the DTU Lyngby campus housing the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability...

Biotechnology and biochemistry
21 JUN

Playware keynote at 9th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for...

Professor Henrik Hautop Lund of our DTU Center for Playware is invited to give the keynote talk on playware research this week at the 9th International Conference on...

21 JUN

Transport of the future run on wood

New research at DTU Chemical Engineering is paving the way for cheaper sustainable fuels in the transportation sector based on 2nd generation biomass.

Energy Environment and pollution Transport and logistics Chemistry Biotechnology and biochemistry
20 JUN

Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 at DTU

Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 (WESC-2017) is the first in a series of bi-annual conferences launched by the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE), with the support...

Wind energy
20 JUN

Professor Per Møller receives William Blum’s Scientific Achievement Award

Per Møller, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, received the prestigious award within surface technology at the...