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24 JAN

Leading protein researcher moves his research to DTU

How do complex protein networks interact when they form skin and heal after an injury? And what happens to these networks in inflamed skin or skin that fails to heal properly...

Biological systems Enzymes and proteins Biotechnology and biochemistry
24 JAN

Real-time in vitro monitoring of cell populations

The study of cells’ reaction to e.g. drugs or to environmental pollutants is an important technological area. Cells are cultured while they are exposed to different substances...

Micro and nanotechnology
23 JAN

Five young researchers can step up their research

Five DTU researchers under the age of 40 receive a total of almost DKK 46 million (EUR 6,2 million) from VILLUM FONDEN and can now speed up their research careers.

Chemistry Information technology Physics Mathematics
19 JAN

More Nordic adults have an unhealthy diet

More adults in the Nordic region have an unhealthy diet. This is one of the key findings of the second Nordic monitoring of diet, physical activity and overweight headed...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
18 JAN

What is BIORAPID? Watch and learn

How can a computer get us closer to a cure against cancer? Watch this video and see how a research project called BIORAPID uses mathematical modelling to identify the...

16 JAN

Tomorrow's sunscreen lasts longer and is sweat-proof

Researchers from DTU Chemistry, Coloplast, and Riemann have joined forces to develop new materials that are to make products such as sunscreen and stoma bags adhere better...

13 JAN

Dr. Martijn Wubs Selected Distinguished EPJ Referee

Dr. Martijn Wubs has been honored as a Distinguished Referee by the European Physical Journal. T he distinguished EPJ referees are selected by the Editors based...

13 JAN

CEE adopts racecar from DTU Roadrunners

Center for Electric Power and Energy has received one of the first versions of the DTU Roadrunner racecars.

12 JAN

Six new models for oil recovery

Two years after the Center for Oil and Gas — DTU was established, six models have been identified to demonstrate how a greater proportion of Denmark’s oil and gas can...

Energy Fossil fuels
Electronics (DTU Elektro)
11 JAN

Next Generation Power Supplies and their applications in mobility and electrolysis...

New project for the Electronics Group resulting in one more postdoc and one more PhD student

Electrotechnology Energy