Jacob Steen Møller

Jacob Steen Møller

Director of Facilities

Campus Service

Technical University of Denmark


Building 409, room 118

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +45 45 88 22 39
E-mail jsm@dtu.dk

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Revised: 2011-06-09


Jacob Steen Møller

Date of Birth
18 December 1954



  • Ph.D. Environmental Hydraulics, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, 1984
  • Basic military training, Corps of Engineers, Farum, 1981
  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, 1980

Key competences

  • General management and leadership
  • Facilities Management 
  • Management of research and education in civil engineering
  • Environmental impact assessment 
  • Hydraulic engineering and applied oceanography

Appointments and elections

  • Realdania. Elected member of Board of Representatives, 2010-date 
  • Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. Chairman of the Academy Council (Akademirådet) and member of The Executive Body, 2010-date 
  • Realdania Centre for Facilities Management. Chairman of centre committee for 2007-10 and member 2010-date 
  • Claus Anders’ Foundation (Founder: Anders Kerrn-Jespersen). Special advisor for the board, 2010-date 
  • KAB foundation, www.kabfonden.dk, Board member 2006-2010
  • IPU, www.ipu.dk, Board member 2007-2009,
  • Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, EBST, committee on Innovation in Construction R&D, KIG, DTU representative 2007-2009
  • Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, EBST, Partnership for Energy Efficient Building, DTU representative 2008-2009
  • Steering committee for national Construction Technology Platform ECTP-Denmark, www.ectp.org, Member 2004-09
  • ATV group 8 on "The future of the construction sector" Member 2006-08
  • Appointed Examiner, Aalborg University, Denmark, 1991-2003
  • Appointed Examiner, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), 1990-2003
  • Danish Advisory Committee for the EU 5th FWP Activity: Energy, -Environment and Sustainable Development, 1998-2002.
  • Danish National Council on Oceanology, 1997-2002
  • Danish EuroGOOS Member and co-founder of 1997-1999
  • Swedish Vattendomstol (Water Court) evaluation of the Øresund Link, Expert nominated 1994-1997 
  • Steering Committee for final reporting of the Danish marine research programme "Hav90", 1996. 
  • Danish Society of Hydraulic Engineering, Board member 1991-1995 
  • Institute of Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Engineering, DTU, Board member 1981-1984
  • Senate (Konsistorium) of the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, Member 1979 
  • Polyteknisk Forening, Chairman 1979


  • Danish: Native 
  • English: Excellent 
  • German: Reads and understands reasonably 
  • Spanish: Reads and understands some 

Short courses

  • Several short management and ICT courses 
  • Occupational safety and health at the workplace, 2004 
  • DiEU, Economy for non economist, 1997


  • Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, ATV, 2007- date 
  • Danish Academy of Future Research, 2006 - date 
  • The Society of Danish Engineers, IDA, 1980 - date 
  • Danish Network for Research Managers, FL1, 2006 - 2009