Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in molecular microbial ecology; assessing the biosynthesis potential of ‘Microbial Dark Matter’ DTU Bioengineering 19 FEB 19
Sæt dit præg på fremtidens diplomingeniøruddannelser --- Make your mark on the future Bachelor of Engineering education DTU Diplom 19 FEB 19
Project Coordinator Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 19 FEB 19
Kommunikations- og event-medarbejder (midlertidig) DTU Vet 19 FEB 19
Postdoc in Building Services for Low-temperature District Heating Systems DTU Civil Eng 19 FEB 19
Akademisk medarbejder DTU Vet 19 FEB 19
Laboratory Engineer for DTU Structural Lab DTU Mechanical Eng 20 FEB 19
Sektionssekretær DTU Physics 20 FEB 19
Researcher in Structural Testing of Composite Structures DTU Mechanical Eng 21 FEB 19
Postdoc in the field of Micro and Nano Metrology for Replication Processes DTU Mechanical Eng 22 FEB 19
Technician with superior troubleshooting abilities DTU Danchip 22 FEB 19
22 fellowships under the H.C. Ørsted Postdoc COFUND Programme; junior and senior Research and Relations 23 FEB 19
PhD position in Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy DTU Physics 24 FEB 19
PhD scholarship in Microcontainers for Oral Vaccine Delivery DTU Health Technology 24 FEB 19
Postdoc in Protein-Protein Interaction DTU Bioengineering 24 FEB 19