DTU is an international university rooted in a Danish culture. Working at DTU you will be guided and supported by experienced consultants from our International Faculty Services ensuring you a good startup in Denmark.

DTU wants to make moving to Denmark a positive experience and offers a range of programmes and networking activities to support our employees and their families.

As an employee at DTU you get to realize your dreams. Please see how in the career video clips below.


Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in X-ray Tracking of Electronic and Structural dynamics During Chemical Reactions Using Free Electron Lasers DTU Physics 28 AUG 14
PhD scholarship in Physical/Chemical Modeling and Data Analysis for Experimental Biomedical Research DTU Nanotech 28 AUG 14
PhD scholarship in Theoretical Chemical Dynamics DTU Chemistry 28 AUG 14
Postdoc in Applied Process Modeling and Optimization DTU Chemical Eng. 29 AUG 14
PhD Project in Image Base Tracking and 3D Content Generation DTU Compute 29 AUG 14
Research Assistant in the Bioelectrochemical Systems Group Center for Biosustainability 31 AUG 14
EUROMBR job offers DTU Chemical Eng. 31 AUG 14
PhD Scholarship in Magnetic Resonance DTU Electrical Eng 31 AUG 14
Postdoc in Fish Metabolism DTU Aqua 31 AUG 14
PhD scholarship in Structural Reorganization during Cyclic Deformation DTU Mechanical Eng 31 AUG 14
PhD scholarship in Food Contaminants & Migrants DTU Food 31 AUG 14
Postdoc in fish feed and protein utilisation in aquaculture DTU Aqua 31 AUG 14
PhD scholarship in X-ray Microscopy of Functional Materials DTU Energy Conversion 01 SEP 14
PhD scholarship in Ultraclean 2D Electronic Devices DTU Nanotech 01 SEP 14
PhD scholarship in Software Defined Networking DTU Fotonik 01 SEP 14