DTU is an international university rooted in a Danish culture. Working at DTU you will be guided and supported by experienced consultants from our International Faculty Services ensuring you a good startup in Denmark.

DTU wants to make moving to Denmark a positive experience and offers a range of programmes and networking activities to support our employees and their families.

As an employee at DTU you get to realize your dreams. Please see how in the career video clips below.

EURAXESS works to attract Research Scientists to the EU. If you do not find your ideal job at DTU, you can find other Research Scientist positions in Europe at EURAXESS.

Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD Scholarship in Population Genetics (eDNA) DTU Aqua 07 JUL 15
PhD scholarship in Deciding under uncertainty: improving risk management practice in engineering projects DTU Management Engineering 08 JUL 15
Specialist in Next Generation Sequencing Center for Biosustainability 08 JUL 15
Researcher to develop advanced wind lidar systems for Wind Energy DTU Wind Energy 09 JUL 15
Research Scientist: Characterization and Advanced use of Biomass Pellets in Power Plants DTU Chemical Eng. 10 JUL 15
Research Scientist in Mucosal Immunology DTU Vet 10 JUL 15
PhD scholarship in Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Nano-filled Polymers for Thin-Walled Micro Components DTU Mechanical Eng 13 JUL 15
Senior Research Scientist in Micro and Nano Structuring of/for Functional Surfaces DTU Mechanical Eng 15 JUL 15
Postdoc in Brain State Decoding and Manipulation DTU Compute 15 JUL 15
PhD Project on Mathematics and Efficient Signal Representation DTU Compute 16 JUL 15
PhD Student, Network Reconstruction and in silico Metabolic Model Center for Biosustainability 17 JUL 15
Senior Researcher in Nano-Metrology DTU Nanotech 17 JUL 15
Chief Consultant DTU Compute 17 JUL 15
PhD scholarship in Assessing life cycle impacts of bio-plastics from dicarboxylic acids Center for Biosustainability 19 JUL 15
Postdoc in Nano- Bio-technology DTU Food 19 JUL 15