DTU is an international university rooted in a Danish culture. Working at DTU you will be guided and supported by experienced consultants from our International Faculty Services ensuring you a good startup in Denmark.

DTU wants to make moving to Denmark a positive experience and offers a range of programmes and networking activities to support our employees and their families.

As an employee at DTU you get to realize your dreams. Please see how in the career video clips below.

EURAXESS works to attract Research Scientists to the EU. If you do not find your ideal job at DTU, you can find other Research Scientist positions in Europe at EURAXESS.

Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology DTU Environment 29 MAY 15
PhD Project in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Oil Reservoirs DTU Compute 31 MAY 15
Postdoc in Experimental Quantum Optics DTU Physics 31 MAY 15
Associate Professors/Assistant Professors in Power Engineering, Electrical Technology and Innovation DTU Diplom 31 MAY 15
PhD in Energy Savings Versus Energy Supply – Modelling Energy Systems DTU Management Engineering 31 MAY 15
PhD position in 400G Fiber-Wireless Communications DTU Fotonik 31 MAY 15
PhD scholarship in Magnetic Resonance DTU Electrical Eng 31 MAY 15
PhD scholarship in Novel Nanomedicines for the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy DTU Nanotech 31 MAY 15
Research scientist in Coastal Fish Habitats and Ecology DTU Aqua 01 JUN 15
Postdoc in Optical quantum communication systems DTU Fotonik 01 JUN 15
Associate/Assistant Professor in Highway Engineering and Pavement Design DTU Civil Eng 01 JUN 15
Senior Research Scientist in Veterinary Pathology DTU Vet 01 JUN 15
Research Scientist in Soil and Groundwater Contamination and Remediation DTU Environment 02 JUN 15
PhD in modelling Macroeconomic Effects of Energy Savings DTU Management Engineering 03 JUN 15
Postdoc position with focus on Liposomal Systems for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging and their potential as Diagnostic and Theranostic Agents DTU Nanotech 03 JUN 15