DTU is an international university rooted in a Danish culture. Working at DTU you will be guided and supported by experienced consultants from our International Faculty Services ensuring you a good startup in Denmark.

DTU wants to make moving to Denmark a positive experience and offers a range of programmes and networking activities to support our employees and their families.

As an employee at DTU you get to realize your dreams. Please see how in the career video clips below.

EURAXESS works to attract Research Scientists to the EU. If you do not find your ideal job at DTU, you can find other Research Scientist positions in Europe at EURAXESS.

Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Assistant Professor in Computational Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics DTU Wind Energy 05 OCT 15
Research Scientist in Optofluidics DTU Nanotech 06 OCT 15
Postdoc in Sustainable Biotechnology DTU Food 06 OCT 15
PhD Scholarships DTU Compute 07 OCT 15
Postdoc in "Electrocatalysis at elevated temperature and pressure in alkaline environment" DTU Energy 07 OCT 15
Research Assistant in in Precision and Micro Injection Moulding Technology DTU Mechanical Eng 07 OCT 15
PhD position in Auto-Sampling and Monitoring of Bioprocesses DTU Chemical Eng. 08 OCT 15
Scientific programmer DTU Systems Biology 09 OCT 15
PhD project in Nonlinear Signal Processing in Optical Quantum Information Systems DTU Fotonik 09 OCT 15
Senior Research Scientist in Two-Phase Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer DTU Mechanical Eng 09 OCT 15
PhD scholarship in Fermentation of Synthesis Gas and Design of Bioreactors DTU Chemical Eng. 10 OCT 15
PhD scholarship within food allergy and microbiota in the Division for Diet, Disease Prevention and Toxicology DTU Food 11 OCT 15
PhD in Heat Pump and Refrigeration Technology DTU Energy 14 OCT 15
Postdoc in Microbiological Risk Assessment using Next Generation Sequencing Data DTU Food 15 OCT 15
Research Scientist in Freshwater Fish Ecology and Behaviour DTU Aqua 15 OCT 15