Working at DTU

The people who work at DTU come from every walk of life, but they all have one thing in commona shared goal of developing and utilizing the natural and the technical sciences for the benefit of society. 

10,600 students are currently studying for the future on one of our engineering programmes, and 5,800 members of staff are engaged in teaching, research, innovation, and scientific advice to public authorities. They all work with our three core values in mind: innovative thinking, credibility, and commitment.

Flexibility, development, and freedom 

DTU offers a range of exciting and challenging posts in an international setting. As a member of staff you will therefore encounter people from many different cultures.

We are currently undergoing a rapid development and have many exciting opportunities available for applicants—whether you wish to work as a member of our scientific staff or are seeking employment in the technical-administrative field.

At DTU, we offer flexibility, room to develop, and personal freedom with personal responsibility. DTU will challenge you and provide you with new opportunities, regardless of your position within the organization.

Maybe you will find your dream job here at DTU?

Your career at DTU

If you choose a career at DTU, you will become part of a huge organization that offers a wealth of opportunities. DTU focuses on providing its staff with the most attractive surroundings in which to develop and exploit their full potential.

DTU offers a wide range of professional and personal skills development courses. The University continuously encourages you to expand your horizons and unlock your potential through an impressive selection of training and development opportunities designed to develop your talents, professional as well as personal.

Annual appraisal interview

All employees, including managers, attend an annual appraisal interview with their immediate supervisor which provides them with the opportunity to discuss their professional and personal development goals and career aspirations. At DTU, we act on the feedback we receive, in an effort to continuously improve and move forward as an organization.


Self management at DTU

Shi You, a Chinese postdoc at DTU on what self management means to him and the cultural differences.
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