Business start-ups at DTU

DTU's knowledge and technology generate the basis for several new high-tech start-ups and innovation in existing companies. Through start-ups, DTU exploits the research-generated knowledge and thus commercially exploits the intellectual property. The start-ups are based on DTU technology, and either DTU invests intellectual property rights in the business against shares or the business gets a license to the rights against paying a licensing fee to DTU. Similarly, businesses have for many years been established based on the research and knowledge generated at DTU but without encompassing intellectual property rights.

DTU is an innovative university that covers the entire value chain from knowledge creation and patent applications to business development and investment in start-ups. The development of start-up companies can be achieved through attracting pre-seed money from Pre-Seed Innovation and SEED Capital. In addition, DTU comprises an innovative business environment through the research parks SCION DTU and COBIS. The research parks, which are located in Hørsholm, Lyngby and Copenhagen, house the development departments of high-tech companies or small new entrepreneurs which are given access to the research community's unique facilities and capabilities. DTU's innovation environment Pre-Seed Innovation and venture partner SEED Capital help potential entrepreneurs find out whether there is a viable basis for trying to establish a new high-tech company.

Furthermore, DTU’s subsidiaries Bioneer, Danish Fundamental Metrology and Dianova help complete the overall network of knowledge. In this innovative environment we can assist you and your company either with starting up new high-tech companies, finding the right knowledge and facilities or fostering innovation that can help companies in the global competition.


Claus P. Voigt Andersen
Team Manager, Innovation and infrastructur
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
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