Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is the leading technical university in Korea.

DTU and KAIST have had close collaboration since 2008. The partnership is based on a strong synergy in research, education and innovation as well as a shared focus on green growth and the development of sustainable solutions to grand societal challenges.

In 2011 DTU and KAIST signed an agreement to establish a Danish – Korean ”Green Technology Research Center”. The centre for green technology research includes research collaborations within the following areas:

  • Intregrated Water Technology
  • Biosustainability
  • Off Shore Wind Turbine Systems 
  • Battery Research and Development 
  • Biorefinery 

Furthermore, education is an important part of the cooperation between KAIST and DTU. Since 2009 10 joint MSc Dual Degrees has been established. You can read more about the different Dual Degrees in the box on the right. 

The alliance has links to the ”National Green Growth Alliance”. The goal of the alliance is to promote Denmark and Koreas political, commercial and technological collaborations in the fields of green technology and growth.