Research-based contingency

DTU operates laboratory facilities and maintains an academic, research-based contingency system for the fast and effective solution of acute and relevant risk problems in the field of, for example, plant and livestock diseases and in the food and veterinary area. The contingency services include:

  • Maintenance of knowledge and contingency capacity on the island of Lindholm, for the isolation of and experiments on diseased livestock herds (foot and mouth disease, BSE, Bluetongue). The tasks are solved through continuous interaction between ordinary research and practical preparation of specific—and in some cases urgent—contingency jobs.
  • Maintenance of technical and laboratory resources (staff, vessels, test areas and facilities, equipment, accreditations etc.).

  • Reference laboratory activities, including the maintenance of diagnostic expertise and analysis capacity, development and validation of analyses and methods, supervision and approval of laboratories.

  • Monitoring radioactivity in the air, soil, water and foods in Denmark.


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Team Manager, Sector Services
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