Research-based monitoring and surveillance

DTU performs research-based monitoring and surveillance, and develops monitoring and surveillance systems and programmes for areas where the following is required:

  • Ongoing risk assessments: for example the preparation of risk profiles for the progression of livestock illnesses.
  • Control and effect measurements: for example analyses of the effect of endocrine disrupters on the development of obesity and the production of sex hormones, which serve as the basis for regulation of the food area.
  • Monitoring: for example the constant measurement and monitoring of the inland ice on Greenland in order to generate knowledge on climate-related changes.
  • Surveillance: for example, ongoing population estimates that form the basis for the advice given by the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) to the EU Commission with regards to fish quotas.

Other assignments in this field include:
collection, storage and utilization of research-based data in reference laboratories, along with maintenance and quality management; evaluation and communication of public sector data collections (data banks); development of data systems in areas where public sector authorities have administrative goals and requirements.


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