Human Life Science Engineering

We all want to be healthy and stay fit as long as possible. The Human Life Science Engineering programme deals with the interface between medicine, biology, chemistry and technology—giving students unique skills, and putting them right on the front line when it comes to combating disease and improving people's health.

Food and medicine of the future
Many companies in the food industry are committed to making healthier products. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry needs to use the latest advances in biotechnology and molecular biology to make new and better drugs.

This is where DTU's graduates come in, as they become specialists in discovering, designing and manufacturing healthy foodstuffs and more effective drugs based on the individual patient's genes.

A healthy interdisciplinary approach
Human Life Science Engineering is an exciting BSc programme with the emphasis on applying the latest technologies. Its interdisciplinary content gives students a broad-based knowledge—and a comprehensive understanding—of the biological and chemical processes that determine whether we stay fit and well.

Study programme
The programme attaches great importance to using modern, creative forms of teaching, in which theory is combined with hands-on laboratory and computer practicals involving realistic problems. Along the way students also learn to communicate your knowledge and work in teams on research-based project tasks—all skills that are highly sought after in industry.

Students choose their electives based on which of DTU’s MSc programmes they want to enrol in—"Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering", "Biotechnology", "Food Technology" or "Bioinformatics and Systems Biology", for example.

The future
As an engineer specializing in human life science research, graduates will become key players in the coming health revolution and very well equipped for a career in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

Head of Studies
Bent Petersen

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