Chemical and Bio Engineering

Chemical and bio engineering engineers have a sound knowledge of chemistry, biotechnology and chemical technology that they can use directly in industry. They can analyse the cause of a problem and then use their chemical and biotechnical expertise to develop a technical and sustainable solution. 

The domain of a chemical engineer
Chemical and Bio Engineering graduates have the whole world as their workplace and the field of work is broad—covering everything from operation and process development to product development, consultancy, inspection, and management. In layman’s terms a chemical and bio engineering engineer is someone who has to take chemistry from the laboratory to production. It is his/her job to find out how a new product (e.g. a new drug or enzyme) can be mass-produced economically and with as little environmental impact as possible. Companies all over the world are focusing more and more on efficiency, energy use, product quality and environmental considerations—all subjects that graduates have at their command as qualified chemical and bio engineering engineers.
Broad-based knowledge and technical design
Training as a chemical and bio engineering engineer will teach a student to put his/her theoretical knowledge into practice. Every semester, sees theme-based projects that are often carried out in collaboration with Danish and foreign companies. 

Fluid subject boundaries
At DTU we attach great importance to our study programmes being as broad and interdisciplinary as an engineer’s future field of work. Chemical and Bio Engineering students thus experience teaching in which project work is integrated in the theoretical subjects—chemistry, biotechnology and technical chemistry—and where the various subjects and projects in the semesters interconnect. 

Ready for the job market
Graduates with a BEng in Chemical and Bio Engineering have acquired a large number of professional skills. They are also able to work creatively and effectively in project groups, and know how to communicate—both verbally and in writing.

Good career opportunities
Chemical and Bio Engineering graduates have lots of job opportunities both in Denmark and abroad. Most graduates work for chemical and biotech export companies or in the pharmaceutical industry, but many go into executive positions or maybe start their own business as a freelance consultant, for example.

Head of Studies
Ulrich Krühne

Danish students

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Twin campuses

Photo: Mikal Schlosser
BEng students at DTU have courses on our twin campuses:
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