Chemistry and Technology

We may not think about it in the normal run of things, but the world is largely made up of chemical processes and reactions. Right now humanity is faced with some enormous challenges. We need to bring climate change and pollution under control and at the same time find new drugs to combat diseases that are currently seen as incurable.

Innovation – development – production
One has to be able to understand or predict why and how different substances and materials will react in a given chemical process in order to create new, improved products and production methods. By studying for a BSc in Chemistry and Technology, students will be well equipped for the future as they acquire a fundamental knowledge of chemistry, physics and maths from lessons in theory combined with project work and laboratory practicals.

A concrete, creative programme
As soon as the programme starts, students are introduced to both the basic and technological application of chemistry. They work on chemical analysis and synthesis, as well as study the properties and chemical reactions of substances. They learn the principles of chemical and biochemical product development and production—with due regard for the environment before, during and after production, of course.

Study programme
Chemistry is a subject where theory and practical experiments go hand in hand. Students learn to think creatively and use their knowledge of maths, physics and chemistry to develop concrete products and production methods. When choosing electives, students can combine chemistry with subjects from the world of engineering and technology, but they can also focus on economics or management.

Head of Studies
Klaus B. Møller

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