Executive MBA

DTU's Executive MBA, Master in Management of Technology – also called the MMT programme, is the leading Nordic MBA in Innovation, New Business Creation and Personal Leadership. The MMT programme aims to use the technological base of a participant's company as a starting point for teaching the participant how to design, manage and implement the sort of innovation and change that generates new commercial opportunities.

DTU’s Executive MBA is a programme that prioritizes value creation over administration. If you wish to upgrade your managerial qualifications as an innovative leader, the programme can give you the tools you need.

The Executive MBA programme is designed for an international audience who are keenly interested in how companies innovate and create new business. You may have engineering, science, commercial or other background, and you feel a deep engagement in committing yourself to learn new skills and improve your leadership.

The majority of the programme is taught by our international faculty from some of the best world’s best universities. The Innovation Leadership module is a collaboration between DTU Business and UC Berkeley.

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Write to Program Director Peter Arbs or call  (+45) 2029 2510 or

write to Program Director Karsten Uldal or call  (+45) 2372 8015