Master of Wind Energy

DTU's online Master’s programme in wind energy is scheduled for two years, providing course participants with broad academic competency in the wind energy area. 

The programme is designed as a part-time programme within a two-year period. It corresponds to one year of full-time study, but is spread over two years to accommodate participants doing the programme concurrently with having a full-time job. The programme’s study plan consists of nine courses of 5 ECTS credits each. The courses cover all the important aspects of wind energy and are based on research activities at DTU. In addition, the programme concludes with a final project equivalent to 15 ECTS credits.


Exam participation

Even though it is an online Master’s programme, participants will be required to attend the programme physically a couple of times, for example in connection with the defence of the final project.

Otherwise, the programme will take place online in the form of classes, calculation assignments, digital quizzes, project work, and reports with or without peer assessment. Great emphasis is placed on lecturers and participants engaging in ongoing dialogue throughout the entire programme.