In  the course base you can search and find detailed descriptions of each course at DTU. Please note that you can only apply for courses marked "Taught under open university" in the course description.
Time schedule
Most courses last 13 weeks (one semester)—divided between 3-7 hours per week plus homework. The 13 week period starts twice a year: the first week of September (the autumn semester) and the first week of February (the spring semester).

Beside these courses, DTU offers shorter courses in January and June. These courses have full-time teaching every day and last between 1½ to 3 weeks.

How to read the course base

The template for each course description is similar—and comparable. Click here for at a guide on how to read the course descriptions.

The ECTS Credit System

The Bologna Process is a European initiative to bring about transparency and compatibility across higher education in Europe.

An important aspect of enabling student mobility, and particularly moving on to a further degree in another country, is a system of credits, used for recognition and accumulation—the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

All of our courses are assigned a value in terms of ECTS credits. Successful completion of an academic year of two semesters accumulates to 60 ECTS credits.

Bachelor’s degrees have an ECTS value of 180 credits, and master’s degrees 120 credits.