Photo: Mikkel Adsbøl

Admission requirements

Before you apply, please check with the international office at your home university to determine your eligibility. 

Exchange students must be nominated by their home institution before submitting an application. Final decisions on admission will be made upon review of application materials by DTU.

Admission through the Erasmus programme

Please talk to the Erasmus coordinator at your home university, if an agreement exists. And please note that DTU does not accept free movers (students who do not apply within an exchange agreement). In order to qualify you must:

  • be enroled in a formal programme of study at higher education level at one of our partner universities
  • have completed at least the first year of your university studies.

Admission on bilateral exchange agreements

This is only possible if your home university has a bilateral agreement with DTU. To enrol as a bilateral student you must:

  • be enroled in a degree programme at a university when applying
  • be a graduate or advanced undergraduate student. The minimum requirement is that you have completed university studies in your home country equivalent to the first two years of Danish university studies

Please note that your application form must be accompanied by an attestation from your home university stating that the information you have given is correct.

DTU has exchange agreements with more than 200 universities worldwide. Is your university among them?

Check this list to see if your home university has an agreement with DTU. Even if it does appear on the list, always double-check with the international office at your home university to make sure that the exchange agreement is still in effect.