Accommodation for exchange students and MSc students


There are many halls of residence and student houses at DTU Lyngby Campus and in the surrounding area.

BSc General Engineering

DTU has a number of residential units for students admitted to the BSc programme in General Engineering. The units are made available to students with an international qualifying exam. Students who have not previously had permanent residency in Denmark are guaranteed accommodation. However, you will still need to apply. If you are eligible for a residential unit, we will send you an application form via email once you have been accepted to DTU. Your deadline for applying is 7 August 2017.

If you have a Danish qualifying exam, you must find housing yourself. Polyteknisk KollegieSelskab manages a total of ten halls of residence, eight of which are connected to DTU and located either at DTU Lyngby Campus or close by.

Read more about DTU’s halls of residence and other possibilities of finding housing (information only available in Danish)

Exchange students

Exchange students can apply for accommodation before 15 May for the autumn semester and before 15 November for the spring semester. Please note that we do not guarantee accommodation for exchange students. However, we do our utmost to find accommodation for all students who apply within the deadlines.

MSc students

If you have applied within the specified deadlines (non-EU/EEA citizen: 15 January, EU/EEA citizen: 1 March), you can apply for accommodation. Deadline for applying for accommodation is 15 May for the autumn semester and 15 November for the spring semester.

DTU has experienced a significant increase in applications from highly qualified international degree seeking students. Therefore, regrettably, DTU is currently not able to guarantee accommodation for international MSc students. You are of course still welcome to apply for accommodation through the Accommodation Office which will help you to the extent that accommodation is avaliable. 

Types of rooms:
When and how to apply

Due to a difficult housing situation in Denmark and the fact that rooms are in short supply, we recommend that you also search for accommodation on your own.

First and foremost, do not apply for a room until you have received an acceptance letter from DTU’s Admissions Office.  

Accommodation forms

You cannot apply to DTU for accommodation without your CampusNet login number. After having received your CampusNet login you can download the accommodation form which must be completed type-written and returned by email to the International Accommodation Office:  

It is essential that you return the application form as soon as possible after notification of admission, if you want DTU to help you find accommodation. Applications received later than 15 May for the autumn semester and 15 November for the spring semester might not be processed.

The International Accommodation Office:

Finding accommodation on your own


Halls of residence close to DTU

You can also apply for accommodation via PKS, who manage the halls of residence (kollegium) close to DTU and may provide leases of more than one year. However, be warned that PKS rooms are oversubscribed and there may be a considerable waiting-list. PKS cannot guarantee accommodation. Please note that the site is in Danish.

Useful tips
  • Most rooms in the greater metropolitan area cost between DKK 3,000 and 6,000 per month. When enquiring about a room, remember to ask if all utilities (electricity, heating and water) are included in the monthly rent.
  • Enquire about “house rules” to make sure that you and your landlord/landlady are on the same page. You should also make sure to get a signed housing contract which includes the rental period and the conditions of notice to terminate the lease.
  • International Affiars strongly recommends that you do not accept illegal rental agreements, for instance if the landlord/landlady asks you to pay more than stated in the contract or will not allow you to register the address at the civil registration office (Folkeregistret).
Useful internet sites

Please note that only students who are here for two semesters can apply directly to the kollegium.

  • Find accommodation through
  • At students that are going abroad can adverstise their rooms or flats, and incoming students can respond to the offer for free. Only students and trusted landlords can use this service.

Please note that it is important that you take out House Contents Insurance. Please also read about health insurance here.

Rental agreement and deposit
If DTU finds you a place to live, you will receive a rental agreement by email. Once you have accepted the offer, you will receive a log-in and a password to our on-line payment system, as you are required to pay an administration fee of DKK 1500 (non-refundable) plus a deposit (refundable after moving out/room check) as well as the first month’s rent. Also you will pay DKK 750 for the purchase of a linen bag (duvet, pillow, sheets, cover, towels). Details will be stated in the rental agreement.  

Please note that the administration fee is a non-refundable fee.

  • The rental agreement will specify the address, the dates of the lease, the monthly rent and the amount of the first payment consists of deposit(refundable) DKK 5000 (for Hempel Kollegiet deposit is 3 months rent)+ administration fee (non-refundable) DKK 1500 + purchase of linenbag (non-refundable) DKK 750.
  • DTU’s offer of accommodation is made only once. You can decline it by sending an email to If you decline it, it will not be renewed and you will be responsible for finding your own accommodation.
  • DTU reserves the right to re-allocate your room should you fail to present yourself on the date specified on your accommodation form. If you arrive before the date specified in your lease, you must find your own accommodation until your lease comes into effect. 
Giving notice

A room is booked for the duration of the lease, even though you will not be staying in your room. These terms are stipulated by the Danish Rent Act.