What are the living expenses in Denmark?

Living expenses

Students are required to cover their entire living expenses: meals, accommodation, transport, books, materials, and clothing, as well as any other living costs. 

We cannot accommodate all students close to the campus, so the cost of transport can be high. However, public transportation in Copenhagen is very reliable, punctual, and will take you everywhere you need to go. In Copenhagen the trains, Metro and busses (including waterbuses) can be accessed with the same ticket. All you need to know is how many zones you will pass on your journey During the Introduction Week we will introduce you to public transport in the greater Copenhagen area. But please note that international students do not qualify for student discounts in Denmark. You may find it most economical to buy a monthly travel card which allows you unlimited use of public transport. The cost of such cards varies between DKK 320 and 1,180, depending on the number of zones it covers.  

Cheaper still is the use of a bike. The Copenhagen area has an extensive cycle-path system. We strongly advise you to invest in a bike. You can buy a used bike for around DKK 1,000. Learn more about public transport and bikes in the Transport and travel section of the International Student Guide.

The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration requires that all non-EU/EEA Citizens should document self - sustainability by providing a Financial statement for a period of maximum 12 months, to cover their living expenses in Denmark. 

Here are two estimates for student budgets (monthly expenses stated in Danish kroners). These are only estimates and there are as many student budgets as there are students. Budget on the generous side if you can, so as to allow a margin for error or emergency!

Please note that there is 25 per cent consumer tax (‘moms’) on all goods and services sold in Denmark. In stores, this consumer tax is always included in the price.


Tight budget DKK per month
Books 400 
Clothing 200 
Food and household expenses 1,500 
Rent (including heat, electricity, water, internet and furniture*)  2,500 - 6,000
Transport  0-1,230
Leisure  500
Laundry  150
Quaterly expenses (phone etc.)  300
Total per month  5,550 - 10,280


More generous budget DKK per month
Books 400 
Clothing 400 
Food and household expenses 1,700 
Rent (including heat, electricity, water, internet and furniture*)  2,500 - 6,000
Transport  0-1,230
Leisure  700
Laundry  150
Quaterly expenses (phone, electricity etc.)  400
Total per month  6,250 - 10,980

* Heat, electricity, water, internet and furniture is only included if DTU provides accommodation for you. If you find accommodation on your own, you might have to pay for heat, electricity, water, internet and furniture in addition to your monthly rent.