Honours Programmes

DTU offers Honours Programme as part of all MSc  Eng. programmes. In the Honours Programme the most talented students have access to a particularly challenging course of studies. It is estimated that only 10 per cent of the applicants are qualified for the Honours Programme.

The Honours Programme at DTU offers the student the following advantages
  • An internationally recognized researcher from a leading research institution as personal tutor
  • An individually designed study-plan comprising substantial free-standing elements such as seminars and/or project work.The study plan is in accordance with the learning objectives for the MSc programme and is planned within the prescribed completion time.
  • An exchange semester outside Denmark. The semester abroad can be concluded either through studies or research at an international higher education institution, or through an internship at a company situated outside Denmark
  • Participation in at least one international research conference, workshop or summer university module
  • Research affiliation outlined in the individual study plan and including one or more research and/or development projects


Students wishing to enrol for the Honours Programme must apply to do so when applying for their DTU MSc, and must meet conditions over and above the general requirements for MSc entry.

Candidates must:  

  • Have completed their undergraduate degree at an extraordinary level (minimum average 10 on the Danish national grading or similar—see www.ciriusonline.dk
  • Have demonstrated significant levels of ambition and competence as part of their past studies
  • Possess outstanding intellectual and personal qualities (to be assessed in interview)  
  • Include a separate letter describing why they have chosen to apply for the Honours Programme. The letter should also contain a description of courses taken, and any areas of particular interest 

Admission procedure 

  • All candidates attend a personal interview with the relevant Head of Studies and tutor, at which the candidate’s qualifications and proposed study plan are discussed in detail
  • On the basis of applications, interviews, and resources, the Head of Studies, the tutor and the Head of Department then select the candidates for the Honours Programme. An individual study plan will be prepared for each student.
  • Students who have not completed their undergraduate degree at DTU must obtain excellent results in the courses during the first semester of the MSc Eng. programme before their admission to the Honours Programmes can be finalized. Students should prepare a study plan before registering for courses and get it approved by the respective Head of Studies.  

Performance Requirements

Requirements over and above the standard MSc are as follows:

  • Minimum average score for the completed Honours Master Programme is 10 
  • Minimum score for the master's thesis is 10
  • A studiy plan for the entire programme must approved by the Head of Studies. Courses, projects and master's thesis must be completed in accordance with the individual study plan and within the prescribed completion time
  • An exchange semester outside Denmark is a mandatory element. The semester abroad can be concluded either through studies or research at an international higher education institution, or through an internship at a company situated outside Denmark. Students with an international undergraduate degree and students, who have already participated in an international student exchange of a minimum of one semester, are exempt from this requirement

The student is evaluated at the end of each term. The study plan may be revised only with the agreement of tutor, Head of Studies and the student.

Failure to perform

A student may be dismissed from the Honours Programme if the tutor, Head of Studies and Head of Department consider it unlikely that the student will meet the requirements. In that case, the individual study plan is cancelled and the student reverts to following the standard MSc programme.

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