Application procedure for students holding a degree acquired outside Denmark

To learn about the application deadlines, please visit our Important Dates and Deadlines page. For further information, please write to us at Interested applicants have to upload the required documents, i.e. you do not need to send any documentation by post to us. 

Webinar for New Applicants

DTU hosts application webinars where we guide you through the application process. 

Please join our upcoming webinar on 21-02-2019, at 7.30am CET.


3 easy steps to applying for an MSc in Engineering at DTU

  1. Read the application guides
    Guide 1 is if you have never studied or lived in Denmark before, or have an inactive NEM ID. This will be the guide most of you should refer to.
    Guide 2 is if you are currently studying at DTU, a Danish university or if you have an active NEM ID.
  2. Prepare your application
    Carefully read the admission requirements, the academic requirements for admission and refer to the below mentioned documents, which you should submit with your application. We recommend that you gather these documents before you start your application, this will make it easier for you to succesfully complete your application in one go.
  3. Complete the application form and contact us if there are any problems ( Please remember to ALWAYS mention your journal nr. for easy and fast processing of cases. The journal nr. is a 6 digit nr. which you can find in the acknowledgement letter you will receive, upon successfully submitting your application.  

We look forward to receiving your application.  

Application fees for non EU/EEA citizens

NON EU / EEA Citizens have to pay an application fee of EUR 100. The bank transfer cost has to be borne separately by the applicant. Please note, applications will NOT be processed in the absence of the application fees. On receipt of the application fees, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the applicants. 

Required documents

Documentation of completed academic degrees or in-progress academic degrees (All academic documents should be in original language and translated into English by an authorized translator. The academic documents should also be certified):
  • Documentation of completed academic degrees or in-progress academic degrees (All academic documents should be in original language and translated into English by an authorized translator. The academic documents should also be certified).
  •  In - Progress transcript of records (if bachelor is not yet completed)
  • Completed transcripts or Diploma Supplement (if bachelor is completed)
  • Diploma in original language and translated into English
  • Supporting documents to be uploaded as one document

  • Description of the grade scale used at your home university. In many cases this is stated on your academic transcript, or on the university website.
  • Documentation to show English language proficiency (please refer to the deadlines)
    Please note that only IELTS, TOEFL, CAE Advanced or Pearson tests verified online by DTU will be accepted. Please make arrangements with the test centre to ensure that DTU has access to your online results. If you have not yet taken the test, you need to upload a document showing that you have registered for the test. 

    You can refer to DTU's website for submission deadlines. If you have not uploaded a copy of your diploma or language test score, your application will still be processed provided that you have enclosed a certified transcript and other documents.

Optional documents

  • Danish residence permit or a residence permit in a Nordic country (for non-EU/EEA citizens only)
  • Non-EU/EEA citizens applying for tuition fee waiver - an academically oriented statement explaining why you should be considered for the waiver. It should be an additional document and not part of the statement of purpose. Please note that only applicants who have submitted a separate statement of purpose applying for tuition fee waiver, will be considered for the same. Please note that there are no fee waivers extended in the Spring intake.
  • If you apply for the Honours programme - a short statement of purpose elaborating your interest and competences for the same. 
  • If you have previously applied to an MSc programme at DTU - admission/rejection letter

Application selection procedure

Applications are assessed by the MSc Programme Steering Groups, which are made up of faculty members. On the basis of the documents submitted, the Steering Group evaluates each applicant's ability to complete the MSc programme successfully in two years. Notification of acceptance is made after the official application deadline. DTU’s decision is final.

BSc degree from a Danish university or Danish university college

You can find further information on how to apply here

Deferral of studies

DTU does not offer deferral of admission decisions. Admitted students who are unable to take up their study places at the university are required to re-apply for admission.The applications will be treated as new applications. Applicants are required to upload all the required documents, adhere to the deadline and pay the necessary fees again.


Please contact mscadmissions@adm.dtu.dkif you have any further questions. Please remember to always mention your journal nr. for easy and fast processing of cases(The journal nr. is a 6 digit number, which can be seen in the acknowledgement letter you receive, after successful submission of your application)