Education cap

A new Danish act has been passed which—from the summer intake 2017—bars students from taking a second university degree (the so-called education cap). This means that it is no longer possible to complete more than one ordinary full-time higher education degree at the same or a lower level. The rule also applies to programmes with vacant places.

All Danish government-funded fulltime degrees are included in the assessment of whether an applicant has already been enrolled in and completed a study programme at the same or higher level.

At DTU, this means that:

  • Those who have completed an academic Bachelor’s degree, a professional Bachelor's degree or the equivalent thereof cannot start on a new bachelor’s degree programme, regardless of the type.
  • Master’s degree graduates cannot start on a new bachelor’s degree programme (regardless of type) or a new master’s degree programme.

Exemptions for students with a foreign exam

  • The rule does not apply to applicants who have completed a foreign higher education programme. Nor does it apply to applicants who have financed their foreign higher education degree via a study abroad scholarship.
  • In relation to the educational cap higher education degrees from the Faroe Islands and Greenland are regarded as foreign degrees. This group of applicants is therefore not limited by the Danish act barring second degrees.