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11 JUL

DTU Roadrunners win two prizes at Shell Eco-Marathon

Thorough preparation meant that DTU Roadrunners won two categories in this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon .

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation Energy
09 JUL

Increasing number of applicants for DTU’s engineering programmes

The number of applicants to DTU is up on last year—with ‘General Engineering’ topping the list. The new ‘Data Science and Artificial Intelligence' is also popular among...

06 JUL

Luminous algae become sustainable lamps at Roskilde Festival

The DTU start-up Allumen will inspire people to think about the perspectives of using luminous algae as a sustainable alternative to normal light sources.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development
05 JUL

Grains and vegetables to be grown in festival pee

BEng students have found a green source of plant fertilizer: Nutrients from urine collected in balls of plant-based gel. 

Innovation and product development
Photo: Jeppe Mølgaard
04 JUL

Student designed mini alarm to boost security at Roskilde Festival

There was great interest in the presentation of a mini alarm designed by three DTU students to protect the belongings of festival guests from theft.

04 JUL

Green Entrepreneurship course led to award-winning idea

Students from the BEng programme won first prize at the Green Challenge for their idea of sustainable food transportation boxes made from the roots of fungi.

02 JUL

Study Environment Survey 2018: "I feel great"

The results from the latest ‘temperature measurement’ of the study environment at DTU shows that a significant majority of the University’s students are thriving.

29 JUN

Wood chips can become new sound-absorbent material

Six students solved a waste problem for a manufacturer of laminated wood and created an award-winning acoustic panel.

26 JUN

Students to test new technologies at Roskilde Festival

DTU students have developed solutions that will make Roskilde Festival an even better experience. This year, the projects focus on the environment, food waste, safety...

20 JUN

DTU sets up new health technology department

Society demands technological solutions to many of the major health challenges we are facing now and in the future. DTU has the research and technological expertise to...

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