DTU welcomes thousands of new BSc, BEng, MSc, and exchange students

Monday 28 Aug 17


Philip John Binning
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The term CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate), which was presented to the new BEng students by Vice Dean Lars Christoffersen, is the fundamental principle on which DTU’s BEng programmes are based. CDIO describes the engineer’s problem-solving phases. From idea to design, implementation through to the application phase.

On the intro day, the students were to truly feel this principle in real life, which resulted in a task where they got 25 minutes, 18 sheets of paper, and tape to build a bridge with a minimum length of 70 cm. A challenge that resulted in numerous creative solutions.

The flags were flying on Friday, 25 August when 1,009 new BEng students and 1,198 new BSc Eng students turned up at DTU for the University’s great introduction day.

The intro day offered everything from the official welcome with speeches by DTU President Anders Bjarklev and Dean of Graduate Studies Phillip John Binning to guided tours at both Ballerup Campus and Lyngby Campus.

The intro day is a day filled with fun, play, and lots of opportunities to get to know one’s fellow students. And while the day for some ended with the departure for the weekend freshers’ trip, others could relax over the weekend in anticipation of the freshers’ trip week starting Monday.

“Please know that many people at DTU are ready to help you settle into your studies,” said Philip John Binning, Dean of Graduate Studies, in his introduction to the students, and continued: “Your lecturers, your head of studies, your fellow students, and – of course – your vectors have been planning your study start for the past six months, and they’ll be following you closely throughout your entire first semester."

In his introduction to the students, he also urged them to make use of all the resources which the University makes available when the studies turn hard, and evenings, weekends, and occasionally even nights, must be used to study.

Foto: DTU
Teamwork exercises at Matematiktorvet (Photo: Katrine Krogh-Jeppesen)

Foundation of the University

The intro day at DTU is a special day where the University once again teems with energetic young people after its summer break. At DTU, Polyteknisk Forening (PF student association) is responsible for organizing the study start. And PF President Mette Brock also had a few words for the new students:

“I’ve really been looking forward to today, and I clearly remember how excited I was three years ago when I was sitting where you’re now sitting. I want you to know that PF is here to make your studies a lot more interesting, and to give you influence at the University. We’re active in all phases of your student life. Socially, with parties, concerts, and clubs. Politically, when reforms try to trip us up, and we need to start up a dialogue with the politicians. And in ensuring the quality of the study programmes we enrol on.”

The DTU president also shared a few words with the new DTU students:

“You were the first thing I thought about when I got up this morning, and I’ve been looking so much forward to this day and to welcoming you here at DTU. Because you are the University’s foundation,” said President Anders Bjarklev in his speech to the new students, and continued:

“You’re all special, and the fact that so many of you have chosen the engineering programme bodes well for DTU and for growth and prosperity in society. Because you’re needed out there. DTU is an elite technical university, and one of our biggest strengths is innovation, which is based on DTU’s mission to develop and create value using the natural and technical sciences to benefit society.”
Anders Bjarklev ended his welcome by encouraging the new students to engage in the social life and go on the weekend freshers’ trip, and he told them that he met some of his best friends on his freshers’ trip.

Foto: DTU

The study start at DTU is organized by Polyteknisk Forening (PF student association) (Photo: Katrine Krogh-Jeppesen)

Foto: DTU

Introduction week for MSc Eng and exchange students

When the new BSc Eng and BEng students set off on the freshers’ trip on Monday 28 August, the time has come to welcome 800 Danish and international MSc Eng students and 400 exchange students.

The introduction week ends on Friday 1 September with a big gala dinner, but before then, the week will have been full of lots of social and academic activities that will prepare the students for an international study environment where everyone works together despite different cultural backgrounds.

Photo: Vibeke Hempler

Photo: Vibeke Hempler

Photos: Vibeke Hempler

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