Evaluation of the course of study - half-year report

According to the Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme, the principal supervisor must on a regular basis evaluate whether the PhD studies are progressing satisfactorily. Documented illness and leaves of absence, including maternity leave must be considered in this evaluation.
The half-year report is an evaluation of the level of academic progress of the PhD project as well as a confirmation that the PhD studies are proceeding to the supervisor’s satisfaction and according to the study plan (a revised study plan may be enclosed). However, the report is also an opportunity for the PhD student and the supervisor to match their expectations continuously.

The half-year report is signed by the head of the PhD school, the principal supervisor and the PhD student.
The report must be submitted to the PhD School (department) who forwards a copy to the Office of PhD and Continuing Education. To ensure that the PhD administration receives all the relevant information, you must use the form "Half-year report".
If the PhD studies are not proceeding satisfactorily, the student must be offered the opportunity to rectify the situation within a time limit of three months - but only once. The student has two weeks deadline to give his/her response. Should the student decline the offer, his/her enrolment at the PhD school will be cancelled at of the end of the month. If the student accepts the offer, a new evaluation must be made within one month after the three-month period has expired. If this evaluation is negative, there will be a hearing with a deadline of two weeks after which a decision will be made as to the immediate termination of the PhD studies. The decision is final and cannot be appealed. Ordinary industrial regulations apply to DTU employees.
Please note that the first half-year report is due four and a half months from the commencement of the PhD programme.

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